Michigan 5th-Grader Saves Teacher from Choking on Muffin: 'Dylan Is a Real-Life Hero'

A fifth-grader in Michigan came to the rescue on Monday morning when he saved his computer teacher’s life after he saw her choking on a muffin.

Dylan Paul, a student at All Saints Elementary in Bay City, told CBS affiliate WNEM that teacher Karen Renko suddenly started doing the universal choking sign.

“I get out of my chair, take off my phones, and I ask her if she is choking,” he said.

Then the fast-thinking student performed the Heimlich maneuver on her.

“What I did was I propped right up at the sternum and then I would pull back. And then somebody else, the other kids in my class, went to go get teachers to help, but when they got there I already, um, she had already stopped choking,” he told the news outlet.

Renko also spoke to WNEM and said that she is “so thankful to have had Dylan in the room at the time.”

“His presence of mind and willingness to step up and help shows that he is wise beyond his years. Dylan is a real-life hero,” she said.

Principal Lisa Rhodus told the news outlet she is “so proud to think that he was able to react in the situation that could’ve been very scary for fifth-graders.”

“It’s a scary situation and [he] reacted so quickly and we are very proud of him.”

According to WNEM, Paul learned how to do the Heimlich maneuver by watching YouTuber Jaiden Animations teach his fans the steps.

“I am very thankful for what she has done for me,” said Paul. “So I think it kind of made it even.”

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