Moment Tommy Robinson’s election result met with laughter in humiliating defeat

Tommy Robinson was jeered at and showered with calls of "out with the racist" and "facist" while losing his deposit in the European elections.

The former English Defence League leader polled just 2.24% of the vote in the north west region.

His 38,908 votes were enough to land him in eighth place of 11.

When the results were read out in Manchester large sections of the audience burst into laughter.

Because Mr Robinson won less than 5% of the vote he will lose his £5,000 deposit, Manchester Evening News reported.

The far-right extremist, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, blamed the loss on social media companies Twitter and Facebook for banning him from their platforms.

"I am not allowed to get my message across," he said, adding that it meant he was campaigning "with one hand tied behind my back".

On the campaign trail Mr Robinson was targeted in Warrington by a protester armed with a milkshake, sparking the first of several anti-Brexit cold drink protests that also saw Nigel Farage doused.

He claimed people had asked him if he was a Nazi while out canvassing for votes before adding: "But more than anything every community I have gone to – every working class estate – I have so felt loved, (more) than I have ever felt in my life."

Mr Robinson's election bid culminated with a chaotic rally at Mocha Parade in Salford that saw his supporters face off with anti-fascist demonstrators.

The previous weekend a rally in Oldham had resulted in serious disorder.

After arriving late at the Manchester Central convention centre last night – delaying the start of the count in the process – Mr Robinson quietly left the building.

He returned later on, in time to hear Manchester council’s returning officer Joanne Roney read out the results.

Labour's re-elected MEP Theresa Griffin welcomed the result, thanking Labour activists for beating him "in the same way that in 2014 we defeated the BNP".

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