My boyfriend is thrilled we're expecting, but I'm worried it's not his

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend is so relieved I’m pregnant because he was getting paranoid about his fertility — but I’m worried sick the baby’s not his.

I’m such an idiot for having a meaningless one-night stand with my ex at a festival.

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I’m 30 and my boyfriend is 37.

He is amazing and we agreed to start a family a year ago but nothing happened.

As time went on, he became convinced that an old cycling injury, where he ended up landing hard on his crossbar, had affected his fertility.

So when I did get pregnant he was so relieved. But what he doesn’t know is when I went to a festival in August, I let my hair down, drank a fair bit and had sex with my ex.

On the second day, I was queuing for the bar and somebody tapped me on the shoulder. It was my ex.

He’s 35 and stood there with a silly big grin on his face. He said: “You’re a sight for sore eyes. How are you?”

I thought it would be awkward but he asked where I was camping and later that evening I ran into him again.

I was pretty smashed by then so we were flirting and then it started raining. We laughed and ran for cover into his tent.

Inside, he kissed me. It felt so natural.

Within a minute we were having sex for old-time’s sake. He didn’t have a condom so pulled out.

One of my friends knew I’d been up to no good but agreed not to tell. I was late for my period weeks later but when I got a positive pregnancy test, I was over the moon.

I told my friend but she said: “What about him? You know, your festival ex?”

I told her we had been safe but she just gave me a look. Now she’s got me worrying.

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The festival was two days after my period ended so I’d be safe, right?

I got home and had sex lots with my boyfriend but there’s still that element of doubt.

DEIDRE SAYS: I’m afraid I cannot reassure you. Men have a clear liquid that appears at the end of their penis during arousal and it can contain sperm.

It would be unlikely for you to conceive so quickly after your period but sperm can remain alive for seven days in the body so this is why you can’t take risks at any time.

Your most fertile period is 12 to 14 days before your next period so if these dates add up, you’ll have to keep everything crossed and hope.

My support pack Unplanned Pregnancy will show you where to find support.

If you want to consider getting a DNA test after the baby is born, contact Cellmark (, 0800 470 2521) for information.

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