My bump is out of control and boobs are sagging – I bet the twins arrive early! says Amy Childs

The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs exclusively revealed with OK! that she’s expecting twins with her boyfriend Billy Delbosq – something which came as a shock to the pair.

While Amy, 32, had come off contraception earlier this year, the reality TV star didn’t expect to conceive so quickly as she discovered she was pregnant just two months later. Making the surprise even bigger, she later found out she’s carrying twins.

Now, in her exclusive column for OK!, Amy is charting her pregnancy, and how she feels like she’s “going back to square one” despite having had two babies before.

This week, Amy talks about her upcoming 28 week scan, her sleep woes and debunking the reports she was rushed to hospital recently…

It’s been a busy week filming TOWIE

Filming for the show has been full on and I keep saying I’m going to calm down, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.

I said last week how I love the show and that I’m really excited to be back, and it’s fun! I’ve done some really lovely scenes this week; some with my mum and dad, a lot of scenes with me and Bill, and some with Harry.

The twins have been moving a lot

I’ve had a lot of movement with the twins and I’ve still been getting my Braxton Hicks, but it’s just my body getting ready for the babies to come, but I’ve not really slept.

I said to Bill that I haven’t really slept for three days and while we’ve been back filming, I feel really achy.

I’ve got my 28 week scan next week which I’m excited about so I can see how the babies are getting on. It’s not going to be long until they’re here.

I feel like I’m past the pretty pregnancy stage…

I’ve got pregnancy boobs now. I’ve got saggy boobs and a really big belly, and I feel like I’ve got to that stage where it’s not the pretty pregnancy any more, it’s the not-so-pretty pregnancy bit. I feel like everything I put on, I feel so big but I'm having two babies, so I'm bound to be.

With Polly and Rich I had such an amazing pregnancy, but with the twins, it’s good but it’s a lot harder. I’m feeling heavier, I’m feeling tired . – I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. As long as I have a blow dry and try and look decent then I’m alright. I can take on the world when I have my hair blowdried.

I wasn’t rushed to hospital

Everyone’s been messaging me this week saying I was rushed to hospital and asking me if everything's alright.

My auntie came round the other day and she was like “Oh my god, what happened?” because she’d seen an article.

Basically I did an Instagram Live recently where I said that if I didn’t feel my babies kick, then I’d definitely head to the hospital. At the end of the day, you know your body and I know that the twins kick a lot in the morning. I advised the people watching that the minute you don’t feel your babies kick like they usually would, then you should call your midwife and get to the hospital – but I feel like the press got mixed up and said that I’d actually been taken to hospital.

I just wanted to clear that up!

So many people are having twins!

Everyone’s pregnant around me at the moment and I’ve heard that so many people are having twins. I think it’s something down south because my friend’s having twins and obviously Dani Dyer has just announced her pregnancy.

I messaged Dani to say congratulations. She’s having identical twins, but mine are non-identical. She replied to me saying thank you – she must have been inundated with messages. I’ll be documenting the babies’ routines on Instagram and things when they’re here, but I’ll message Dani when they’ve arrived and let her know she can always give me a call if she needs any advice.

There’s definitely something in the water…

I think the twins might come early

I feel a bit unorganised. I said to Bill this morning that we need to get the pram sorted and the cots put up because, at the end of the day, they could come early.

I went to Polly’s school the other day and got talking to another mum who said that she had her twin boys ten weeks early, so anything could happen.

With my belly being so tight and having constant Braxton Hicks at the moment, I think there’s a possibility that the twins might come early… I don’t know why. I don’t want them to come early though because you don’t want them to be too tiny, but I feel like my body has had enough. My belly’s getting out of control!


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