My husband is off work and I worry we won't be able to pay bills or the mortgage

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner found out last week that he needs an op and will be off work for six weeks.

I fear we’ll go under financially.

I’m 34 and he is 36. I’m six months pregnant.

He works full-time and will get sick pay but, budgeting for bills, and for baby, I fear we will drown.

Are there any grants to help families when the main earner is off sick for weeks?

I really don’t want to worry about our growing family, a poorly partner and the debts piling up.

DEIDRE SAYS: You may well be entitled to income support even though he has a job, and your partner may get more sick pay on top of the statutory allowance if it’s in his employment contract.

Call the Money Advice Service for free, impartial help (, 0800 138 7777).

The key is usually to be open with creditors and commit to regular repayments, even if tiny.

You may also be able to organise a mortgage or rent holiday.

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