Number plate error could see drivers slapped with huge fines this autumn

Autumn is finally here and it certainly means cold, frosty weather is around the corner.

Now it could also spell trouble for motorists on the road as streets are icy and slippery.

There are many motoring laws people need to be wary of as we enter the new season of cold.

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An expert from National Scrap Car stressed that Brits will face more heavy showers so there will be more mud on the roads.

Dorry Potter told that when driving through mud at speed, the splash can often result in dirty number plates.

And having a grim licence plate could cause trouble with the law as they're harder to detect on ANPR cameras.

She said: "Failing to clear any dirt, ice or even snow as we approach winter obscuring your front and rear number plate could earn you a fine of up to £1,000 from local authorities.

"The law states that all number plates must be clearly visible, as if it is obstructed it can affect your car being picked up by speed cameras or police checks."

She also said driving through puddles at speed and having insufficient tyre depth can be dangerous.

And if motorists splash pedestrians by zooming through puddles, they could get into trouble.

She added: "If found guilty, motorists can be slapped with a fine of up to £5,000, for behaviour deemed to be 'an act of incompetence, selfishness, impatience, or aggressiveness'.

"As well as a fine, drivers are also risking being handed between three and nine penalty points on their licence."

Having less than the required tyre thread depth is illegal too as they need to have a minimum of at least 1.6mm round the entire outer circumference.

But ensuring the air in the tyres is topped up well can prolong the life of the thread and even improve fuel efficiency.

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