Old-fashioned baby name with sweetest nickname thats making a comeback

Deciding on what to name your baby is a difficult decision. Some parents spend months planning, preparing, and discussing the perfect name for their newborn, whilst others make an instinctive decision the moment they lay eyes on their child for the first time.

Traditional names, once considered “old-fashioned” are making a comeback – with recent data analysis by BabyCentre suggesting that Ada is the most popular baby girl’s name, shortly followed by Agatha, Agnes, and Alethea.

With parents turning to more traditional baby names, Name Consultant Michelle Casey has compiled a list of 10 “vintage” baby boy names that have the “sweetest” nicknames.

In a video posted to her Instagram, growlittlewildflower, Michelle shared: “Oh how I adore these names for your sweet boy.

“I could have thought of sooo many nickname options but I just shared the one l personally loved most for each name.”

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Theodore (Teddy)

Theodore is a name of Greek origin, stemming from the Greek words Theos, meaning “god-given” and dōron, meaning “gift” according to The Bump. Therefore the name loosely translates to “God’s gift”.

The adorable nickname Teddy lends its name to the popular cuddly toys, teddy bears – originating from the former president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.

Arthur (Artie)

Arthur is a name of Celtic origin and is derived from the word artos, meaning “bear”. A popular name since the Middle Ages, where parents would name their children after King Arthur.

Artie is a modern nickname for the more traditional name Arthur and would suit a sporty child.

Benjamin (Benji)

Benjamin is one of the most popular boy’s names in the country. Originating from Hebrew and Biblical stories. It means “son of the right hand” according to The Bump.

Benjamin is a versatile name that can be shortened to the more traditional Ben, or perhaps Benny. Benji however is a more modern and fun nickname to give to your baby boy.

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August (Augie)

August is a name with Latin origin and has its roots in the Roman Empire, first associated with Augustus Octavian.

Lending its name to the eighth month of the year, August is a quirky name that is making a resurgence and Augie is an incredibly sweet nickname for boys.

Walter (Walt)

The origins of Walter are Germanic, meaning “commander of the army”. Perhaps now the nickname “Walt” is most associated with Disney, but it’s an adorable moniker for baby boys.

Sullivan (Sully)

Sullivan is a slightly more modern name and has its roots in the Gaelic language. A perfect choice for boys of Irish heritage, Sully is a sweet and endearing nickname.

Alexander (Xander)

A name of Greek origin, Alexander means warrior. The name has history, notably Alexander the Great. Usually shortened to Alex, Xander is a more unique and personable nickname for baby boys.

Harrison (Harris)

This British name translates to “son of Harry” – take note any would-be dads named Harry. This is a popular name for fans of Star Wars or Indiana Jones thanks to the iconic Harrison Ford. The name is at its peak of popularity and Harris is a sweet nickname to set your child apart.

Ezekiel (Zeke)

Originating from Hebrew, meaning “strength of God”, the name Ezekiel is at its most popular since the 1800s. A traditional name that is certainly becoming more and more common, Zeke is a cute and cool nickname for baby boys.

Albert (Alby)

Albert is a traditional name of German origin that is suffering a decrease in popularity. Prince Albert was responsible for an influx of children going by Albert, but in modern times that number has plummeted.

Albert will be a unique name for your child, and usually shortened to Bert – Michelle finds Alby an even sweeter nickname.

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