Old Navy’s New Concept Store Sells Everything in Every Size at the Same Price

Over a year ago, Old Navy debuted plus shops within 75 of its stores. On October 1, Old Navy began transforming 30 of those stores into Size Yes concept stores, which offer every single product in every size.

"Last year, we launched our now evergreen Size YES campaign with the message of 'YES! This comes in your size,'" Alison Partridge, VP and GM of Plus & Maternity at Old Navy, exclusively tells InStyle.com. "The campaign celebrates our inclusive sizing which is one of the broadest in the industry. We truly believe everyone deserves great style in their size that is easily accessible – whenever, wherever, however they want it.

The best part about the Size Yes Concept stores is that everything is also being sold at the same price. Often when brands offer more inclusive size options, prices go up. But that's not happening in Old Navy's new Size Yes Concept stores.

Old Navy Size Yes Concept Store

Old Navy has been working to eliminate price disparities and close inclusion gaps for quite some time now. "As a brand, we stand for the democracy of style, and believe price parity is part of offering fashion for everyone," says Partridge. "We are committed to continuing our work to narrow  and ultimately eliminate  price disparity, to offer all styles, in all sizes, all at the same price, across our fleet."

Old Navy Size Yes Concept Store

The message isn't limited to stores. "Size YES is integrated across all of our channels, from the size diversity in our models and influencer partners to the inclusion of plus-size mannequins in our stores," says Partridge.

The test run for Old Navy's Size Yes concept stores will come to an end on November 13, but Partridge hints that the pop ups could eventually become permanent, saying, "Our long-term goal is to offer all product, in all sizes, all at the same price, in all our stores."

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