Olive oil hacks: The 9 household uses for olive oil – from face masks to furniture polish

Mrs Hinch uses washing machine cleaning hack to remove dirt

Olive oil is the king of all oils. In fact, the word ‘oil’ in many languages stems from the root word for olive. The oil is used in many different cuisines, but it has other beneficial purposes. Don’t waste your expensive extra virgin olive oil on these hacks though, stick to the cheap stuff. Express.co.uk reveals 9 household uses for olive oil.

Bath bomb

Bath bombs are fun for children and adults, but they can be pricey.

You can make your own bath bomb using three tablespoons of olive oil and some other ingredients.

Sieve half a cup of baking soda, two tablespoons of cornstarch and two tablespoons of citric acid into a bowl and mix together.

Add three tablespoons of olive oil and your favourite essential oil gradually to the bowl, stirring together as you go.

You don’t need to use all of the olive oil, just use as much as you need to keep the lump of ingredients together.
Roll the ball between your hands and leave to harden overnight.

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Furniture Polish

Leather and wood can be polished and conditioned with olive oil.

When cleaning wood, use three tablespoons of olive oil and one of white vinegar and apply using a soft cloth in a circular motion.

Use pure olive oil and dab with a soft cloth onto scratches in leather.

Use a circular motion to shine the entire sofa, chair, or whatever leather item it is you’re cleaning.

Hair mask

Olive oil is thought to condition the hair, prevent split ends and breakage, and soften and strengthen your tresses, so why not make a hair mask out of it?

Mix together two tablespoons of olive oil and mashed ripe avocado and apply the mixture to the ends of your hair after shampooing.

Leave it on for 45 minutes and rinse and condition your hair as normal.

Remove sticky labels

If you have any sticky labels that need to be removed, always soak them in olive oil first.

Sticky labels are too difficult to remove when dry and will normally leave behind marks, but olive oil will help you get them off in one go.

Silence hinges

Use olive oil to silence squeaky door hinges.

Simply apply the oil straight to the hinge and leave it there to lubricate the hinge.

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Protect garden tools

Garden tools become rusty as the years go by, but there is a way to slow this down.

Every time you use the tools, rinse the dirt away and apply a layer of olive oil onto them.

Let this dry naturally and continue using as normal.

Razor rust

Razors quickly become rusty, and it’s not safe to use rusty razors on your skin.

Prevent your razors from rusting by carefully dabbing some oil onto the blades after use.

Lip balm

Don’t waste your money on expensive lip balms – you can make an effective one with cheap ingredients.

Mix olive oil with melted beeswax in a 1:1 ratio and let it sit overnight in a container of your choice.


There’s nothing worse than getting chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your favourite shoes.

Next time you step in gum, quickly soak some olive oil onto a kitchen towel and let the shoe sit on it for 10 minutes.

The oil will break down the gym and it will slip off the sole of your shoe.

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