One half of bonded pup pair still looking for a home: Animal Services

A pair of dogs up for adoption at Winnipeg Animal Services have been separated.

The City of Winnipeg’s animal agency had been trying for months to get Tiger and Lady adopted as a bonded pair, since they’d spent much of their lives together.

Animal Services put the two dogs up for adoption separately, saying they’d already had a long wait in the kennel environment and they need homes sooner rather than later.

Tiger, a husky/shepherd mix, and Lady, a terrier, were being offered by Animal Services as a two-for-one deal because of the dogs’ closeness, but with no takers, they were put up for adoption individually.

Animal Services said Lady was adopted over the weekend, so Tiger is now looking for a home of his own.

“Everybody in Winnipeg was rooting for these two dogs, but unfortunately we’d had Lady and Tiger at Animal Services for five months,” said Animal Services COO Leland Gordon.

“They’d been sitting in a cage here for five months. We’d been unable to locate a family to take both of these two dogs together so at some point you have to do what’s right for both dogs and split ’em up.

“Lady’s already been successfully adopted living her life and having fun. Tiger’s here still, he’s doing just fine.”

Gordon said the team at Animal Services went the extra mile trying to get the dogs adopted as a duo – bringing them to events, getting media attention, etc. – but that it just didn’t work out the way they’d hoped.

Now they’re focused on finding Tiger a home of his own.

Also, there are several adoptable dogs available at Winnipeg Animal Services.

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