Only geniuses can spot woman, cat and dog within 8 seconds in optical illusion

Optical illusions can really leave you stumped for a short period of time. Many could even have you scratching your head for a few hours.

Now if you're really after a challenge, we have a brainteaser which might just do the trick. The mind-bending image features a man on a horse with a fella walking behind them.

But there are claims a woman, dog and cat are also hiding somewhere in the photo. It's your task to spot them within 8 seconds and if you do, it could mean you're a genius.

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You can check out more optical illusions here.

So stick a timer on and see how quick you can solve the optical illusion. Don't forget to let us know how you get on in the comments section below!

These kind of illusions require you to carefully scan the scene and identify a woman, dog and cat hidden in the image. They can be difficult to spot as they're camouflaged or blended in with the rest of the scene.

Scroll down for the answer…

But we can assure you, keep staring at the image and you might just find the woman, cat and dog. It could mean wonderful things if you manage to complete it in 8 seconds.

If you're still struggling to find them, start by looking for patterns which resemble the face of a woman, dog and cat. You can also pay attention to the centre and look at it in a different angle.

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Don't worry if you found the illusion difficult, you're certainly not alone. But you'll find they were hiding right in front of your eyes in the centre.

The illusion can be quite challenging but you could be classed as a genius if you managed it within the short time frame. So are you looking for more brainteasers?

Previously, only people with "perfect vision" can spot a "creepy" detail in the optical illusion with two girls. The image was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

It shows a black and white image of two young girls sitting next to each other in the park. Those with 20/20 vision might just see something else in the image.

Apparently if you wear glasses or contact lenses, you'll be able to see something different once you take them off. So make sure you give a go…

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