Oreos, Whiskey and More ‘GOT’-Themed Food to Celebrate the Last Season

Game of Thrones is everywhere! The eighth and final season of the critically acclaimed HBO drama returns to the small screen on Sunday, April 14, and various brands across multiple areas of interest are doing their part to honor the beloved show (and make a pretty penny in the process) by inundating consumers with some must-have GOT merch.

In the months leading up to the season 8 premiere, everything from Game of Thrones makeup palettes to GOT-themed sneakers has hit both store shelves and online retailers. And even though the Emmy-winning show isn’t particularly food-focused (because let’s be honest, it’s all about the dragons and direwolves) snack brands, soda companies and even restaurant chains have all jumped on the GOT bandwagon as fans prepare to say farewell to Sansa, Brienne of Tarth and the gang.

For example, legendary whisky company, Johnnie Walker, created not one, but two products centered around the fantastical, book-based drama. In November 2018 the brand launched its Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky collection, which contains eight blends. That grouping came just one month after the British-owned company debuted a ”White Walker” blend inspired by the drama’s fearsome characters of the same name.

Elsewhere on the booze front, New York-based Brewery Ommegang launched a Mother of Dragons beer in September 2018 as part of yet another larger collection of GOT-focused libations. This particular refreshment, which was crafted in honor of Emilia Clarke’s dragon-loving Daenerys, is a combination of a smoked porter and a Belgian kriek. It was preceded by a Tyrion Lannister-centric beer and one crafted with Cersei Lannister in mind. A hops-heavy beverage created for Jon Snow, which is aptly called King of the North, came later.

Hungry for more edible Game of Thrones-focused goodies? Scroll down to learn more about some additional GOT-related eats!

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