Parents share photos showing how lives have changed since having kids

What parenthood REALLY looks like! Hilarious photos capture how couples’ lives have changed since having children

  • Pictures sent in by parents around the globe show how their lives have changed 
  • One mum has gone from cocktails on a boat to canned wine in her living room 
  • Another has swapped date nights out for naps on the couch with her partner 

Mothers and fathers from across the globe have shared amusing before and after photographs to show the ways in which their lives have changed since starting a family.

These amusing snaps include one man who switched drinking beer with his buddies to clinking water bottles with his toddler, to a woman who swapped romantic dates with her partner to crashing on the sofa. 

Here, FEMAIL shares the best examples which have been collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda.  

Cheers to that! This woman, from the US, swapped drinking glasses of wine while sailing across the ocean on a boat to drinking canned wine in her living room with her baby strapped to her chest 

Stick to the day job! This new dad went from having fun at a festival to becoming a human sticker book – and his beard is ideal for testing out his daughter’s hair clips  

Feeling sick! This mother went from spending her evenings drinking pints of beer to cleaning up baby vomit from her shirt 

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Double trouble! This lady switched dancing with her friends with early mornings looking after her adorable twins

Tucking in! One man is captured enjoying a few cocktails before becoming a dad – and then tucking into a burger in bed after…surrounded by his furry friends  

Facing reality! Another woman swapped partying in bars to spending her afternoons peeling stickers off her face 

Crash and burn! Before becoming parents, this couple often enjoyed romantic date nights. Now, they crash on the sofa with their new baby instead

A dog’s life! Even life changes for pets when a new baby arrives – as this pooch went from partying with it’s owner to hanging out with his newest family member 

 Toddler tantrums! This mum no longer spends her evenings downing shots…as she’s too busy dealing with her daughter’s naughty behaviour

Beach babe! Before life as a human table, this mother used to spend her days relaxing on a boat in the sun 

A new drinking buddy! This man has swapped his alcoholic beverages with friends for bottles of water with his  son 

Furry friends! This cat has learned to sleep with one eye open since the arrival of its owners new baby 

No point crying over spilled milk! From visiting the Colosseum in Rome to taking trips to the dry cleaners, this parent shows the difficulty of keeping clothes clean with a baby in hand 

Breast friends! These bosom buddies have gone from drinking together to breastfeeding together 

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