Parents slammed for unique baby name as people say it sounds like weapon

Choosing a baby name isn't easy as it could take couples a long time to come to a decision.

Now a pair of parents have been slammed after they shocked family and friends with their choice.

They were hit with short remarks from relatives and plenty of trolling from strangers.

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The exchange was shared in a Facebook group called "That's it, I'm bored and shaming everything".

In a screenshot, a user shared an exchange between an expectant parent and a congratulatory loved one.

The person who shared the screenshot asked the parents-to-be: "Have you picked out any names?"

"I'm pretty sure we are naming her Reighfyl," the new parent wrote back. "Pronounced like 'rifle'."

Then the original poster's one response read: "Oh."

In the comments section on Facebook, people grilled the parents for the "terrible name".

One said: "That name is a Tragedeigh," another added: "You can't put 'eigh' into just any name and call it good."

Meanwhile others were worried the child would get bullied when they get to school.

A Facebook user feared on the post: "I hate parents who give their kids uncommon, hard-to-say or spell names."

"I'm okay with an unusual name. BUT rifle isn't great already.

"Seriously just stared at the name. Until reading the 'rifle' I did not get it. This is awful."

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