People who completely missed the joke left others in hysterics

I don’t get it! Hilarious social media posts reveal serious responses from people who COMPLETELY missed the joke

  • People from all over world have shared instances where someone didn’t get joke 
  • Taking things too literally causes them to be ridiculed online for being obtus  
  • One person pointed out that picture had been edited, which was obvious   

These unfortunate people took things too literally and completely missed a joke – with hilarious results.  

Social media users from around the world have shared examples of someone who simply just didn’t understand what was funny, with the best posts compiled in a Bored Panda gallery.   

One person pointed out Netflix did not exist in 1919 after late night TV host Conan O’Brien wondered about the streaming service selection back during the Spanish Flu. 

In another post, a person felt it necessary to point out that the picture of a shirtless man walking on the moon was Photoshopped. 

One Conan O’Brien followers did not get the host’s joke when he tweeted asked what Netflix was like all the way back in 1919 

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This person just did not get why their friend kept sending a picture of an actual case after saying ‘in that case’ 

One person believed to be from the US shared this hilarious screenshot where an oblivious person pointed out that sharks did not have toes 

This person completely missed the obvious joke after this person shared a picture of Ellen DeGeneres passing it as one of Eminem

One person believed to be from Brazil shared an hilarious reaction to this obviously photoshooped picture of a shirtless man on the moon

Someone joked this Norwegian flag was actually a confederate flag and it completely went over  this person’s head 

One person called ‘b*******’ on this picture after someone joked giant spiders existed, pointed out it was only a matter of perspective 

One person tried to demonstrate how clever they were by commenting on this post. Unfortunately, it backfired 

A Reddit user thought people really thought people confused Mt Everest with a nuclear bomb attack 

After one person shared this cartoon, another pointed out there could not be such a thing as a ‘third half’ 

In Canada, several people did not get the joke and believed the person was really trying to remember the name of the cat in Garfield 

In the US, someone shared this tongue-in-cheek joke showing that the person who had cut the sign had not followed the instruction written on the sign. One commentator felt compelled to make it very clear 

One person in Poland did not get that a person did not actually meant it when they said their ‘bus started flying’ 

One person tried to prove how smart they were and missed the joke by pointing out the obvious 

The joke was that, the inventor of the auto correct having died, they had written ‘restaurant’ instead of ‘rest’ but a person did not get it and corrected their sentences in a comment

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