Peter’s ‘Bachelorette’ Exit Disproved A Major Theory About How To Predict The Winner

Some Bachelor and Bachelorette fans are hungry for any and all spoilers they can get their hands on. Who are the finalists? When does so-and-so get sent home? Who will lead the franchise next? But each season, the most important detail is figuring out who nabs the final rose. And unfortunately, it’s back to the drawing board, because Peter’s Bachelorette exit on Monday night disproved a major theory about how to predict the Bachelor/ette winner.

After finally sending Luke P. packing (and putting a lot of effort into getting him to leave for good), Hannah narrowed her final three down to Peter, Tyler, and Jed. She opened the rose ceremony how explaining how hard this decision was for her, and ultimately, Peter was the one who didn’t get a rose. He was understandably heartbroken and talked about how devastated he was, and fans were plenty sad about watching him leave, too. But his departure means that the Twitter theory of the eventual Bachelor or Bachelorette winner always being to the left of the Bachelor or Bachelorette in the group photo is disproven, because Peter is the one on Hannah’s left side, and he… did not win the show.

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