Pizza Hut brings back its self-serve buffet and ice cream factory

PIZZA Hut's self-serve buffet and ice cream factory has returned now that coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.

The pizza chain suspended its popular buffet during the pandemic over health and safety concerns.

It relaunched the unlimited all-you-can-eat option in England on Monday as the government lifted most of the remaining Covid restrictions.

Pizza Hut said it will continue to have a number of stringent hygiene and cleaning measures in place across all of its restaurants to ensure the safe-running of the buffet.  

Customers can order the buffet in restaurants in England on weekdays from 3pm.

Adult meals are priced at £8.99 and kids' portions are £5.99.

That is slightly more than the old £7.95 adult and £4.95 kids' buffet prices.

This week also marks the return of Pizza Hut's ice cream factory and bottomless Pepsi refills.

When Pizza Hut reopened for indoor dining last July, after the first nationwide lockdown, the chain kept all of its self-service options closed.

They’re introducing a “Bluffet” where customers can still fill up on all you can eat pizza and salad, but their food is brought to them by staff.

Instead of individual slices, diners will pick one small 7-inch pizza or bowl or salad at a time. 

Kathryn Austin, Pizza Hut's chief people and marketing officer, said: "We are excited to be able to finally put our guests back in control and give them their beloved buffet back."

She added: “We’d also like to thank all of our brilliant team members at Huts across the UK for their hard work under the difficult circumstances of the past 18 months. 

"While we’re celebrating the return of our much-loved unlimited offerings, the safety of our guests and team members remains paramount and so we ask that all our customers act responsibly when dining with us.”

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