Queen Camilla uses ‘discreet’ signal to ‘tug’ King Charles along

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Queen Camilla has a hidden trick which she pulls out to keep her husband King Charles on track at public engagements. Camilla, 75, is known to tug on King Charles’s jacket to let him know when to be quiet when they’re out at events together and she thinks he’s talking too much.

The tactics have been shared by their close pal and TV star Gyles Brandreth, who wrote all about how Queen Camilla keeps King Charles, 74, in line in his recent book “Elizabeth”.

He wrote: “When he gets tetchy – because the pen doesn’t work, as it didn’t when he was signing a document at Hillsborough Castle in County Down – she soothes him, putting out a hand and kneading him gently in the small of his back.

“When he is running late or talking too much, she tugs discreetly at the back of his jacket – sometimes quite vigorously.”

Camilla has previously been described to be Charles’ strength and stay, just as his mother the Queen referred to her husband Prince Phillip.

Gyles said: “She is fundamental to the architecture of his life.

“She is his good companion and best friend and, now that his children have left home, she is the only person in the entire world with whom he can be completely free and open.

“Camilla is his strength and stay, the ally who knows him better than anyone and, now that he’s King, the only person who can still treat him as an equal.”

He continued to tell the readers: “I have watched them at close quarters – at Highgrove, before they were married and since, at Clarence House, at Buckingham Palace.

“He adores her, clearly. In small talk, he mentions ‘my darling wife’ in almost every sentence.

“She looks at him with a kindly eye, amused and aware of his foibles.”

Judi James, a professional body language expert, offered some insight to Express.co.uk about the relationship between the King and Queen Consort.

According to the expert, Camilla dislikes being a “royal star” and would rather deflect attention back onto Charles.

Judi said: “We will probably never see a truly solo charismatic appearance from Camilla.

“Her entire range of body language signals seem set to define her as a partner and support to her husband first and foremost rather than as a royal star in her own right.

“Even after years in the spotlight, there is still a suggestion of reluctance and anxiety in her non-verbal signals.

“When standing with Charles and mirroring his signals, they hunch slightly in towards one another to signal a sense of mutual comfort.

“She looks more assured than she does appearing by herself and often seems to prefer to deflect attention back onto him where possible.”

King Charles and Queen Camilla tied the knot on April 9, 2005, and live in many homes across the UK.

Although the couple has no children together, they share four stepchildren: Prince William, 40, Prince Harry, 38, Tom Parker Bowles, 48, and Laura Lopes, 45.

The King and Queen Consort will be crowned as such on May 6, 2023, in Westminster Abbey.

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