Queen ‘refused to heal rift’ with uncle after Wallis Simpson wedding scandal

The Queen refused to publicly heal the rift with her uncle after he sparked a royal crisis when he abdicated to be with his divorced American lover, according to a private diary entry.

The bombshell claim has been kept confined to the pages of royal biographer and journalist Kenneth Rose's journal since 1986.

But has now seen the light of day following his death and the decision to publish the behind-the-scenes revelations about Britain's most famous family.

An extract, published by the Daily Mail , appears to offer an intimate insight into Her Majesty's relationship with her uncle Edward VIII, who sealed her fate as monarch when he stepped down as king to marry Wallis Simpson.

At the time, the marriage was hugely frowned upon as Ms Simpson was a twice-divorced actress and deemed an unacceptable queen.

It also conflicted with Edward's religious views as a prominent figure in the Church of England.

But head over heels in love, Edward followed his heart and abdicated so he could make Ms Simpson his wife.

They moved to Paris after being 'banished' from the country and tied the knot in 1937. 

Edward famously said: "I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love."

He added that the "decision was mine and mine alone … The other person most nearly concerned has tried up to the last to persuade me to take a different course".

The decision sparked a constitutional crisis and forever changed the line of succession to the throne, with the Queen's father, George VI, becoming the new heir.

Relations between Edward and the rest of the Royal Family became strained for decades and there were also rows over his allowance from the Crown.

And it appears that the tensions between the Royals and the couple, who became Duke and Duchess of Windsor, continued for many years.

Her Majesty is said to have repeatedly declined to invite the pair to a day at the races as an olive branch to smooth over the factitious relationship.

Mr Rose, who died in 2014, wrote in his journal on May 4, 1986: "Edward Ford [Extra Equerry to the Queen, and her former assistant private secretary] tells me that he used to suggest to the Queen that she might publicly heal the breach with the Windsors [Edward and Wallis] by inviting them for a day or two of Ascot races, where they would be swallowed up among the other guests.

"But the Queen said no."

Her Majesty did eventually end the couples’ ban from the UK in 1967, when Ms Wallis and Edward were invited to attend the royal ceremony to dedicate a centenary memorial to the Queen’s grandmother, Edward’s mother Queen Mary.

Edward was also allowed to return alone on the days of the funerals of King George VI in 1952 and Queen Mary in 1953.

Details of the snub and other observations from Mr Rose, including how the Queen reportedly said Thatcher stayed too long and talked too much, will be published later this month.

Mr Rose also claimed the Queen once held a religious service at Sandringham after servants said it was haunted.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said the claims were not something they would comment on.

  • Who Loses, Who Wins: The Journals Of Kenneth Rose, Vol. II 1979-2014, will be published on November 14

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