Rapper Valee Receives Backlash From Fans After Sharing a Video of His Dog Dyed Completely Red

Fans of rapper Valee are not too happy with the new look he has given his dog.

On Monday, the “GOOD Job, You Found Me” singer, 30, shared a video on both Instagram and Twitter of his Chihuahua walking on an asphalt surface, dyed completely red, with the caption, “he reddi 2 go.”

The response from social media users was not kind, with fans bombarding Valee with criticisms of his decision to turn his dog entirely red.

“This is horrible,” one Twitter user wrote, which garnered over one thousand likes.

“Someone needs to report this animal abuse,” another Tweeted back.

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Angry fans, who felt the rapper was participating in animal abuse, tagged accounts in their Twitter replies, such as the FBI, the CIA, animal protection agencies and PETA.

Concerned fans also criticized the Chicago native for allowing the dog to walk on an asphalt surface, which they assumed was too hot for the dog’s paws due to the summer weather.

In response, Valee defended his actions and the dog’s wellbeing, Tweeting, “dis edible vegan dye… no chemicals. And it’s 60 degrees here, not hot. y’all wild.”

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Despite his attempts to calm his fans, users continued to criticize him for what they felt was mistreatment of the animal.

The rapper even replied back to a Twitter user who had tagged the FBI, writing, “U really tagged da FBI.”

Despite the overwhelming backlash, Valee has not removed any of the videos from his social media accounts.

The rapper, who was born Valee Taylor, gained attention for his mixtape 1988. Valee signed to Kanye West‘s record label GOOD Music in Feb. 2018.

Since signing, he released his fist album, “GOOD Job, You Found Me,” in March 2018.

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