Real-life Rapunzel has thousands of admirers thanks to impossibly long hair

A hair influencer is often referred to as Rapunzel thanks to her impressively long locks – and she bats marriage proposals away.

Azrah Jolene Horn, 20, from South Africa, regularly blows people away with her hair content.

She has become so popular online that she has gained over 1million followers on TikTok and 26,000 on instagram.

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The blonde beauty has such a diligent haircare routine that she owns six hairbrushes to ensure she’s keeping her hair in supreme condition.

Due to her luscious locks people regularly come to Azrah for haircare advice and she has recently dispelled a variety of hair myths.

In a video, she listed some of the “lies” that she believes are told by hair influencers.

“Your hair won’t grow if you wash it every day. You have to wash your hair with cold water to keep it healthy. Silicones damage your hair,” she claimed in the clip.

“Rice water makes your hair grow faster. Anyone can grow long hair. Trimming your hair makes it grow faster.”

While most of her followers love her advice and content, there are some people who question whether she’s really the right person to give hair care advice.

In one video Azrah was recommending products from L’Oreal, NuHair and Palmers.

One person commented: “Just a reminder that having long hair doesn’t make you qualified or educated to give advice!! Get hair tips from real professionals.

“I’m a hairstylist and we don’t use almost any of the products she recommends on here.”

While Azrah may occasionally receive pushback, her followers prove to be loyal and love her content.

She’s also been a finalist in the Teen Universe South Africa pageant which has brought her another batch of loyal fans.

“This journey has really been pushing me to do better, especially in the community and that has to be my favourite part about the pink family,” she said about the opportunity.

“Your hair is so dreamy,” one person recently commented.

“You are perfect and very beautiful,” said another.

A third added: “Can I marry you?”


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