Residents ‘too scared to leave homes’ as thousands of bees swarm neighbourhood

Terrified residents were left screaming by a huge swarm of "thousands" of bees – with many now afraid to leave their homes.

Shocked witnesses say the creatures were seen coming from the pavements in a Derby street.

The bees have now stationed themselves on the pavement, leaving locals terrified of going outside, Derbyshire Live reports.

A pest control expert has revealed why thousands of bees were in Normanton this afternoon.

Residents called to report that a swarm of the creatures were zooming all over the road, bringing mayhem to the area.

Many people were scared to leave their homes as the bees stationed themselves on the pavement and flew around the scene.

Wayne Beck, who owns the Pest-Master, a pest control company in Derby, was called out by concerned residents to the swarm, which he identified as honey bees.

He stated what the bees were doing and estimated how long they would be on the scene.

He said: "It was a most unusual place for the swarm to settle – on a pavement.

"They would have been flying with the queen, who needs to take a rest periodically.

"But usually they choose somewhere like a building, or tree or somewhere in the countryside.

"It is very rare to see them come down on the pavement."

Mr Beck gave an explanation as to what they would have been doing while on the pavement.

He said: "Basically, they were covering the queen to protect her while she regained her strength, but unfortunately in the process some of them have been killed or crushed.

"Typically, they usually rest between about 30 minutes and a couple of hours, but usually take off by 7pm to find their next resting place."

Mr Beck said that honey bees are endangered but not protected, but that it would not be right to use pesticide on them.

He added: "I put some barrier tape up to stop people walking into them and upsetting them but I would imagine they would have taken off as soon as it gets a bit cooler.

"Swarms can be a problem, but we were only called out to three in the whole of last year – at a school, in a garden and up a chimney."

A man who lives opposite the infestation, who did not want to be named, said he had reported them to the police who advised him to call the council.

He said: “We are waiting for the council to come.

“I put a cone near them to stop people walking into them – I think someone ran over some of them – there must be thousands.”

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