‘Road rage victim’ desperately clings to bonnet as car drives down busy A-road

This is the terrifying moment an alleged road rage victim desperately clung to the bonnet of a car as it drove down a busy A-road.

The dramatic scene was captured by a biker, who chased down and confronted the driver in a expletive showdown.

Footage from the motorcyclist's dash cam showed a young man holding onto a Mercedes as it travelled on the A4 near Brentford, west London.

After the pedestrian fell from the vehicle, the driver sped off.

The biker then turned around and chased the silver car before confronting its driver further down the road.

The driver said the pedestrian had "got what was coming to him" after he was "being a d***head".

The motorcyclist told him: "Yo man, you hit that guy, you know that, right?"

But the driver replied: "I don’t care. He was trying to block of the road, being a d***head, a***hole, being a pr***.

"So he got what was coming to him."

The biker uploaded footage of the confrontation to YouTube .

A Met Police spokesman said the force is looking into the incident.

No arrests have been made.

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