Rochelle Humes neutral graphic mani is the nail look of summer

Rochelle Humesis one of our favourite sources of inspiration for many reasons, from her enviable hair to her impeccable wardrobe, but if there’s one thing she never misses on, it's her manicure.

For her latest set of nails, Rochelle proved you can combine a bold graphic pattern with neutral minimalist colours with stunning results.

The graphic manicure features a bold twist ona simple french manicure, complete with nude base colour and slim white tips, filed into Rochelle’s shape of choice, the rounded almond.

However, never one to go too simple, Rochelle opted for a subtle graphic touch with a thin white half circle painted at the bottom of her nails which mimics the shape of her white french tips.

The simple design is an easy way to ramp up a classic french manicure and give it a modern twist without going all out on the nail art, making it the perfect choice for anyone who likes to keep their nail designs subtle without being boring.

The soft neutral colours are perfect for summer, as they can go with just about everything in your wardrobe, not to mention work perfectly for casual BBQs, professional work environments, elegant weddings, and relaxing holidays, making them the ultimate manicure choice for summer.

Her minimalist mani is courtesy of Rochelle’s go-to manicuristHarriet Westmoreland, who has been behind most of Rochelle’s enviable nail designs in the past.

Harriet recently shared an Instagram story encouraging people to look after their nails “just like you would any other part of your body” to achieve strong, healthy, long nails, with some of her top tips to protect your nails being to avoid biting them, and investing in good cuticle care.

If you want to have a go at creating Rochelle’s manicure at home, all you need is a neutral base colour, white nail varnish, and a fine brush. And a steady hand, of course.

One of Harriet’s favourite go-to neutral base colours is Chanel’s La Base Camélia, £28 here, although you can find a more affordable similar shade with this Essie Nude Nail Polish Trio Set, £16.78 here.

You can also pick up the Essie The Perfect French Manicure At Home Bundle, £25.97 here, which includes a neutral base tone, a white polish, and a clear top coat to help you re-create Rochelle’s graphic neutral manicure at home.

Thanks for the nail inspo Rochelle!

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