Royal star signs: Compatibility and conflict among Charles and his family

Rarely a day goes by that the Royal Family are not headline news and, with King Charles’ coronation, May has been no different.

Despite the external noise, pomp, and what they present to the world, however, things might not be all they seem behind the scenes.

Examining the star signs of key members can help reveals where the genuine compatibilities, or otherwise, really reside.

Intrigued? Read on for the royals’ signs, along with how their astrological profiles strengthen their relationships or have the potential to cause conflict.

Prince William (Cancer) and Kate Middleton (Capricorn)

Verdict: Power couple

William is a Cancerian, like his mother Diana (and his stepmother Camilla). Cancerians are emotional, compassionate, secretive, and intuitive. They naturally understand other people well and can be extremely charming and charismatic. They are also very moody and can turn in a heartbeat, ruled by their powerful emotions and willing to strike at anyone in their way.

Kate is a stoic, family-orientated, ambitious and practical Capricorn. She is the rock in this relationship, the steady drumbeat that provides stability and consistency. Nothing fazes her.

She and William are opposite signs. There is a strong, compelling bond between them: a bit of a yin and yang, each person fulfilling a lack that the other identifies with.

William and Kate, together, create the complete package. They are the power couple.

King Charles (Scorpio) and Queen Consort Camilla (Cancer)

Verdict: Soulmates

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They are aligned emotionally and spiritually, and will back each other up even when they’re wrong. There is a deep, romantic, cerebral and cosmic bond between these two; woe betide anyone who tries to undermine that.

Charles is a guarded, proud, dynamic and sexual Scorpio. He has enormous self confidence, can be demanding and overbearing, and never forgives or forgets.

Camilla is also from the Water elemental group (so she and Charles are naturally compatible) and is a Cancerian. More emotional, compassionate and loving than Scorpio, but equally as vengeful when crossed. They are deeply protective of each other.

Prince Harry (Virgo) and Meghan Markle (Leo)

Verdict: Unusual energy

Harry is a perceptive, perfectionist, judgmental Virgo, while Meghan is a bold, charismatic, confident and spotlight-seeking Leo. Both are incredibly proud, sensitive to criticism, and willing to work hard to design and control their own fate.

Harry wants to be respected (Virgo think they can do everything better than others), but Meghan wants to be loved (Leo is a natural performer).

Amongst the wider family, Harry enjoyed an elemental bond with the other Earth signs in the group (The Queen and Kate) and shared a ruling planet (Mercury) with Prince Philip which helped them communicate.

Meghan, however, was more astrologically isolated in this group of people. There are no other Fire signs, no one with whom she shares her ruling planet (the Sun), nor are there any Aquarians (her opposite sign).

George, Louis and Charlotte

Heir-to-the-throne George is a Cancer (like Prince William and Camilla) – emotional, dreamy, moody, empathetic, grudge-holding but lovable.

Archie, Charlotte and Louis are all Taureans (like The Queen) – stubborn, stoic, practical and durable. George may find himself the ‘odd man out’ with his siblings and cousin, not least because of his legacy, but also his astrological sign.

Great care should be taken to nurture and build the bonds between them in as many other ways as possible.

Archie and Lilibet

As mentioned, Archie is a Taurean (like the late Queen, and cousins Charlotte and Louis) – ruled by Venus, pleasure-seeking, stoic, determined, deliberating, loving and homely.

He will enjoy the good things in life, and work hard to create a comfortable lifestyle and pathway towards doing exactly what he wants to do.

Lilibet is the opposite of Archie. A flighty, fickle Gemini (like Prince Philip) who loves to communicate, prank, tease, travel and generally live life to the full at 100mph. Archie (and probably Harry and Meghan) will be tired out by his younger sister’s energy and constant questions, and they may find each other’s ‘speeds’ exasperating. She is a livewire.

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