Selena Gomez Deliberately Dressed Like '90s Jennifer Aniston, and Nailed Her Iconic Look

When you're at a loss for outfit inspiration, Jennifer Aniston will be there for you.

Over the weekend, Selena Gomez showed up at a church service channeling Friends-era Jen, and the singer's friend Connar Franklin confirmed the day's fashion was in honor of the movie star. "I said, Today's look….Jennifer Aniston," Gomez's pal wrote on her Instagram Story. "@SelenaGomez said, 'OKAY.'"

In a side-by-side image, Franklin compared Selena's recreation of Aniston's original ensemble from the 1997 film Picture Perfect, and the similarities are spot-on. Like Jen, Selena styled her shoulder-length locks into loose pig tails and secured her mane with a backwards baseball cap. 

Slightly deviating from the actress's grunge style, Selena wore a white T-shirt underneath a dark jumpsuit in place of a spaghetti strap black mini dress. However, she accessorized accordingly with a large shoulder bag, and even managed to find a pair of tiny sunglasses to complete the ensemble.

Two decades later, and Selena's outfit still passes today's style standards. Bravo!

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