Staff boob-shame me for my ski-slope cleavage by giving me bras I spill out of

A woman has taken to TikTok to fume about her horrible bra-shopping experience after the specialist tried to "boob-shame" her and gave her a smaller cup size.

Annie Lynn, from Canada, said it happened every time she visited a lingerie shop and asked for assistance.

She shared on TikTok: "I would go into the store and I would say 'hi I'm looking for a 32DD because it's typically hard to find. Where can I find that?'"

But the assistant's "typical" reply to her was to tell her that that was not the right size even though she insisted it was.

"And then she will put me in a bra that is not my size, typically a 32D and I will try it on. She will go 'boy, you look like you're spilling out there'," she continues.

"And I'll go 'ha, no s***, you should have listened to me for the size that I asked for the first time'. Every single time, without a doubt.

"And because I have ski slopey boobs that I can hide them really well."

She then lifts her cardigan and shows her chest, saying they now look "pretty close to size".

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But when she wears hoodies and a sports bra, her boobs appear smaller than her actual size.

"But don't boob shame!" she says, adding that she now only shops at one lingerie store where the assistant "just puts me in the size I request and then checks if I need to go up or down".

Annie also explained: "The part where I get annoyed is them telling me my size is wrong when I've been measured! If you guess a different size, I don't care."

Her experience resonated with some viewers, who also found it frustrating.

"I ask for a 34G and they bring me a DD, like 'dude I know my size, stop making me feel bad about myself'," one wrote.

A second said: "Boob shaming…that's a terrible thing. Always listen to the owners after all they know them better than anyone else."

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