Steelers Player JuJu Smith-Schuster Buys Season Tickets for Fan Who Got Tattoo of His Signature

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Juju Smith-Schuster is a man of his word!

The Pittsburgh Steelers player has made good on his promise to give away free tickets to a fan after they ended up getting the player’s signature tattooed on their head.

While attending training camp at Saint Vincent College last week, the 22-year-old wide receiver got a very unusual autograph request from a fan.

“I signed this dude’s head today,” Smith-Schuster told reporters on Friday, explaining that the guy was such a fan of the team, he already had a tattoo of the Steelers logo inked on his skull.

“He had a mohawk, and he was like, ‘Can you sign my helmet?’ I was like, ‘What helmet?’ ” Smith-Schuster remarked. “I signed his head. His actual head. With Sharpie.”

After one of the reporters remarked that the fan might add to their Steelers shrine by getting a tattoo of the player’s signature, Smith-Schuster shared that he thought that was a great idea.

“Honestly, if he does that’s lit,” he said, before giving the fan extra incentive to get inked.

“If he gets that tattoo on his head, I’ll give him any tickets to any game, so if he’s out there watching this, yes,” he shared.

Making a quick turnaround, within days the fan had uploaded photos on social media of himself with his new ink, according to WPXI.

Commenting on a Twitter post about how it was “time to pay up,” Smith-Schuster shared that he was already on top of it.

“Yup, I got him, he’s got season tickets now. Respect!!” the player wrote on Sunday, adding a fist-pounding emoji.

The Steelers player has a long history of going the extra mile for fans.

In June, Smith-Schuster took a Pennsylvania high school student to prom after the student got broken up with shortly before the big dance.

“Got a DM from [Molinaro] a while back about needing someone to go with, decided why not, had a litty night at his school!” he wrote on Twitter, along with a set of pictures showing the two in matching green suits.

During the offseason, Smith-Schuster has also hosted a water balloon fight at a local park, volunteered at a nursing home and even filmed a video for a pair of newly-married Steelers fans on the day of their actual wedding day after the groom’s sister reached out to him on Instagram.

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