Summer shoppers stunned to find Christmas decorations on sale 149 DAYS before big day

SUMMER shoppers were astonished to discover Christmas decorations on sale five months before the big day.

Baubles, tinsel and festive lights are already displayed at a popular garden centre.

Lanterns and mask-wearing Santas have also been on sale this week — despite 22C temperatures and the summer Olympics still being in full swing.

But the winter adornments got a frosty reception from some customers at the family-run Summerhill Garden Centre in Billericay, Essex.

Shopper Jane Wright said: “I know it comes round early every year, but this is just mad.

“Although to be fair it did make me smile.

“It’s sweltering weather and Christmas is the last thing on my mind.

“I just want a paddling pool for the garden, some wine and a barbecue.”

Mum-of-two Anna Underwood, 34, said: “I can’t bring myself to think about Christmas yet, I’m looking forward to the summer holidays.

“Maybe it’s for people who are far more organised than I am?”

The garden centre was not available to comment tonight.

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