Tesco Clubcard holders can now get free pints at major chain with points deal

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    A lot of people will already know that you can use your Tesco Clubcard for various things other than your weekly shop.

    This includes trips to theme parks, such as Alton Towers, as well as discounts off Disney Plus. However, you may be surprised to hear that you can get free pints at the pub from it too. Yep, that's right, Tesco has launched a new partnership with BrewDog, meaning that customers can get money off their drinks and food with their Clubcard.

    The scheme is valid in nearly all of BrewDog’s branches across the UK and offers a pound off for every 50 points you have. So, if you're after a free pint costing £6, you’ll need 300 points. However,of course, you can enjoy a half price pint for half that amount of points.

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    James Watt, founder of the Scots brewery, said: “With an existing customer base of over 21 million active Clubcard members, we’re delighted to be the only restaurant partner to offer pints in return for points. Everyone is feeling the cost-of-living squeeze, so if we can help people with the cost of our beer where possible, you can bet your pint on it that we will.”

    Be aware that the offer does come with terms and conditions, though. The codes can only be used on alcoholic drinks if you’re buying food, with a maximum of two alcoholic drinks per person.

    So if you wanted to order three pints with your meal, you could only use your points for two of the drinks and the meal. You'd need to pay the cash, or use your card, for the third pint – but there’s no limit on non-alcoholic drinks. You can check out the full T&Cs here.

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    The move comes after many Tesco customers risked losing their vouchers back in August this year as the expiry date risked running out. It was estimated £11.5 million worth of vouchers could have been lost if people didn't spend or extend their vouchers.

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