Thank God These People Summed Up Game of Thrones in 1 Tweet, Because I'm Never Watching

Thank God These People Summed Up Game of Thrones in 1 Tweet, Because I’m Never Watching

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead.

I know I missed out on a cultural phenomenon by never watching Game of Thrones, but eight years later, I’m not going to bother starting. Plus, I work at POPSUGAR, so reading spoilers here and there is inevitable. I already know Daenerys’s fate and that Bran (whoever that is) wins the whole game or whatever, so why make the commitment? Instead of watching the series from the beginning, I’ll just read these tweets.

Even though I know it’s somehow always Winter, there’s a lot of rape and incest, the timing is medieval but no one really knows when exactly, and some creature called the Night King is basically Voldemort, I don’t actually know what’s going on in the show, and I’ve always wanted a very quick CliffsNotes version. Turns out, these 280-character summaries are very helpful for a lowly nonwatcher like me!

“Textbook Shakespearean tragedy with dragons, a girl who can’t be burned with fire, and frozen demon mummies,” one person tweeted. “A boy is thrown out a window, turns into a bird, then lands on a throne,” another wrote. TBH, it all makes sense now, and I feel good about my decision to watch shows like Dead to Me and Killing Eve instead. Please enjoy the following one-tweet versions of Game of Thrones.

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