The Cast Of Life Below Zero, Ranked By Net Worth

Flagship television network National Geographic has been a long-standing landmark in providing content that takes a deep dive into nature, culture, and science. In 2013, BBC Studios collaborated with executive producers Kevin Tao Mohs, Joseph Litzinger, and Travis Shakespeare to release Life Below Zero on National Geographic. Since the first episode aired in May 2013, the show has been a fixture and has premiered over 17 seasons. The multiple-camera setup show follows the lives of various people living in the coldest and most remote regions of Alaska and how they deal with work during harsh environments that can also be life-threatening. Over the years, the show has won 7 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for the reality program concept, cinematography, editing, and sound mixing.

Life Below Zero is a unique show that brings in more than a few hundred thousand viewers to National Geographic every Tuesday night during its broadcast. The show has not only given a glimpse into the harsh environmental conditions in remote parts of the USA but also helped the cast members become well-known stars. Let’s look at the cast of Life Below Zero and their net worth.

7 Ricko DeWilde ($150,000)

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Born and raised in Alaska, Ricko DeWilde comes from a long line of Native American ancestors who have passed down their knowledge about skills to survive in the state. According to Forbes, being one of the 14 children in his family, DeWilde did not go to a public school until he was 18. His profession is Athabascan trapper and hunter who uses snow machines to travel, an advantage he has had over the last few generations. Each season, DeWilde tries to bring new concepts to film his sequences.

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6 Chip and Agnes Hailstone ($200,000)


Chip Hailstone had a fascination for hunting from a young age, and he moved to Noorvik, Alaska, at just 19 years of age. His family resides near the Kobuk River, where his wife Agnes often accompanies him to work. Along with being a skilled hunter, Chip is proficient with his rifle, bow, and arrow. The Hailstones prefer to live away from social media attention and focus their time on hunting foxes, wolves, ducks, and bears.

5 Glenn Villeneuve ($200,000)

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Since Life Below Zero premiered on National Geographic in 2013, Glenn Villeneuve has been a fixture on the show. As mentioned by the JRE Podcast, along with being a hunter, he is also a skilled fisherman who can handle challenging weather conditions. Villeneuve moved to Alaska in 1999 after staying in Vermont for many years. Since becoming a recurring star on the show instead of being the main cast, he has also launched a podcast to discuss lifestyle and his time working on the docu-series.

4 Andy Bassich ($250,000)


Born in Washington, DC, Andy Bassich moved to Alaska in the 1980s. While he remained a fixture on the show since 2013, he took a six-month break after suffering a hip injury deemed life-threatening. Bassich got treated in Florida before returning to the show, as noted by The Sun. Along with being a hunter, he also teaches sled dog handling basics, runs a survivor training school, and owns a mushing school.

3 Erik and Martha Mae Salitan ($400,000)


Living on the Alaskan Peninsula, Erik and Martha Mae Salitan are survivalists who need to handle extreme weather conditions, not just for the television series but also to sustain proper living conditions. Erik moved to Alaska at 18 when he looked for green pastures and has become trained in hunting, trapping, and fishing. The couple earns a sizable fortune from the show and runs an outfitting business, Bushwhack Alaska, to guide tourists during their visits.

2 Jessie Holmes ($500,000)


Jessie Holmes lived in Montana, where he worked as a carpenter for three years before moving to Alaska. While he had visited the state at 16 years of age, he decided to pursue a career in harsh weather conditions. Holmes lives in the outer region of Alaska and provides carpentry services. He is also known as a skilled dog-sledder and has won many competitions with his pack over the years.

1 Sue Aikens ($500,000)

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Living almost 200 miles from the Arctic Circle, Sue Aikens is the show’s beating heart who leads the series from the front. Aikens is known to wander on adventures and assess the wildlife while trying to discover something new, as stated by Deadline. She has starred in Flying Wild Alaska and manages the Kivek River Camp. Aikens fearlessly lives alone in the wilderness and gives her everything with each season.

Life Below Zero is a reality show about watching people live in hard-hitting conditions and teaches about survival and nature at its best. Along with giving viewers a glimpse into challenging occupations like hunting and sledding, the show has helped its cast grow their businesses. Life Below Zero is currently airing its spin-off series Life Below Zero: Next Generation.

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