The Royal Family Might Be Controlling Meghan Markle's Daily Schedule

It’s no stretch to call Meghan Markle a go-getter, a shaker, and a mover. The mother of Baby Sussex and previous Suits celebrity has been shaking things up in royal news since her wedding on May 19, 2018.

That doesn’t always bode well when it comes to the royal family, however. The monarchy has been ruled by tradition for centuries, and bucking the trends can draw ire not just from other royalty, but also from the public. After a spate of alleged disagreements with Markle, some sources are claiming the royal family has given Markle and Prince Harry a “minder” to supervise their public relations and scheduling.

A mistake and a move

In early March, the Sussexes moved their offices from Kensington Palace to Buckingham Palace. Some sources are speculating that this move was actually tactical, a mandate from the royal family aiming to keep Meghan Markle under a more watchful eye.

Daily Mail claims a senior palace insider informed them that the move was made before Prince Harry’s wedding. “The decision was made before his wedding when Kensington Palace began issuing daily statements about Meghan Markle’s father.”

The problem is that, at this time, Markle released a statement on her estranged father, Thomas Markle. Apparently, this goes against the palace mantra of “when in doubt, never speak out.”

A history of butting heads

Apparently, this is far from Markle’s only gaffe so far. Sources have continued to speculate that Markle is clashing not only with royal tradition but also with royal staff, often as a result.

Angela Levin, royal biographer for Daily Mail, writes, “Yet Meghan has aroused the suspicion of some Palace insiders because of her apparent disregard for such long-established Royal values as caution and discretion. The 12 months since she got married have been far from straightforward. She has been unable to prevent long-standing family disagreements becoming headline news and has lost a number of staff, including her press adviser.”

Levin goes on to point out that even Markle’s New York baby shower went against the palace, mainly because they knew nothing about it from the get-go.

“Meghan, it seems, has a different take – as became clear when she threw a star-studded £350,000 baby shower in New York, an event which, tellingly, Buckingham Palace knew nothing about,” wrote Levin.

The Sussexes supervisor

The Sussexes recently appointed Sara Latham to be their new communications director out of Buckingham Palace. There’s been speculation that Latham, who will be reporting directly to the Queen’s communications secretary, is essentially operating as a supervisor to the Sussexes.

A royal source informed Express that household staff, including Latham, will “decide what to put in front of the senior royals. “It’s a bit like the civil service. Engagements are scheduled by committee. Diaries are cross-referenced to ensure there isn’t a clash and they decide if an event is suitable,” the source added.

Markle has been portrayed as taking over as the head of the Sussex household, but sources are theorizing that Latham’s role means increased scrutiny over Markle’s behavior, and that household staff will now be following only the royal hierarchy. This means everything comes from the Queen down.

The source went on to explain, “The intention is to ensure what they do is co-ordinated with the rest of the household so you don’t get an Independent State of Frogmore [the Sussex’s Windsor cottage]. The Royal Family is a very hierarchical organisation. It’s the Queen, Prince Charles, the Cambridges, the Sussexes in that order. As the fourth household you have to respect that chain of command.”

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