These Adorable Illustrations Perfectly Show How Weird & Wonderful Love Is

What the heck is love, anyway? It’s a question that has both plagued and inspired humans since the dawn of time, but for Brooke Barker and her husband/creative partner Boaz Frankel, it’s fodder for their new illustrated book Let’s Be Weird Together: A Book About Love, out from Workman Publishing on Dec. 10, 2019. Bustle has the exclusive cover reveal below!

Barker, who is best known as the author and illustrator of the New York Times bestseller Sad Animal Facts and the creative behind the popular Instagram account by the same name, has joined forced with Frankel for Let’s Be Weird Together, which celebrates what makes each person, and each relationship, unique and special. But if you think this is just a collection of sappy romantic illustrations woven together with well-worn quotes about love, think again.

No, inside you’ll find obscure animal relationship facts (did you know that the male bowerbird collects blue items to impress female mates?), romantic world records (apparently the longest underwater kiss lasted for 20 minutes), and even tests to determine just how comfortable you and your partner are with each other (are you at the singing in front of each other stage or the sharing Netflix passwords stage?).

Other cheeky illustrations include "Love in the Wild," a lovely ode to "ordinary humans partaking in a courtship on a summer day." It might just take you back to your own summer romance — or inspire you to get out there and fall in love.

If all of that doesn’t yet have you sold on this heartwarming book, check out the adorable cover below:

This weird and wonderful book perfectly captures the routines, rituals and small daily miracles that a couple can create together, infused with sweetness, humor, endearing quirkiness, and charming illustrations that make this one perfect for a gift or a bedside table staple.

‘Let’s Be Werd Together’ by Brooke Barker & Boaz Frankel



While Let’s Be Weird Together won’t be out until Dec. 2019, you can pre-order it now and get a major head start on your holiday shopping. There’s no better gift to wrap up for your significant other, your parents, or your best friend who loves love.

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