Tiny homes you can buy on Amazon – and build in just one day

AMAZON is selling tiny homes you can build in as little as one day – and they would make the perfect garden hideaway.

If you’ve run out of space, or want to build an office or workshop at the end of your garden, these might fit the bill.

And they could even function as a quaint guest suite or annex for a downsizing relative.

The cabins can be ordered online and shipped straight to you.

Delivery is usually free, and the cabins range in price from around £4,700 ($6,000) up to more than £50,000 ($64,000), depending on their size and sturdiness.

Sadly, none of the manufacturers ship to the UK at the moment, but if you are in the US, shipping is free to most states.

Each tiny home comes as a kit that includes everything you need – you just need to have a set of basic tools.

Here are the best tiny homes for sale online:

Claudia cabin

  • Manufacturer: Allwood
  • Size: 209 sq ft
  • Price: £6,778 ($8,650)

This is a cottage-style cabin made from Nordic wood and its manufacturers claim it would be ideal as a pool house, family guest house, separate home office, beach cottage or even as a stand alone retail building.

It can be used in most climate throughout the whole year, but in colder weather you might need to add extra insulation.

Assembling the cabin takes one full day for two adults, and step-by-step directions come with the kit.

Sommersby cabin

  • Manufacturer: Allwood
  • Size: 174 sq ft
  • Price: £6,718 ($8,560)

The large windows on this cabin allow lots of natural light inside, and its wide double doors can be opened in warmer weather, making it an ideal summer house.

Assembly of this cabin takes a full day for two adults and like many of the others, it comes with everything you need to make it apart from tools.

Vermont Cottage

  • Manufacturer: Jamaica Cottage Shop
  • Size: 416 sq ft
  • Price: £13,545 ($17,259)

This two-storey sturdy cottage can be used for year round living, or for a hunting cabin, artist’s studio or workshop.

The kit includes all lumber pre-cut with colour coded stickers and step-by-step instructions.

A corrugated metal roof, sash windows, a pine door and all fastening hardware are all in the pack, as well as a porch, loft and loft ladder.

It will take two people around 40 hours to assemble, the manufacturer says.

Arlanda XXL

  • Manufacturer: Allwood
  • Size: 273 sq ft
  • Price: £8,550 ($10,895)

The more modern design of this cabin means it would be an attractive addition to any garden.

And with a full-sized bedroom and a living room inside, it could make the perfect place to escape.

It can even be constructed on top of other buildings to give extra living space.

Assembly of this model takes a full day for two adults.

Mayflower garden house cabin

  • Manufacturer: Allwood
  • Size: 117 sq ft
  • Price: £6,114 ($7,790)

Built from Nordic wood, this cute wagon cabin is sure to be a focal point in any garden or yard.

It comes with wheels and flower boxes, for a more traditional look, but the big windows still let plenty of light in.

Assembly of the solid wood structure takes a full day for two adults.

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