‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 8 Trailer Shows Demise Of Jax & Tom Sandoval’s Friendship

The first look at Season 8 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ is finally here, and it’s absolutely WILD. There are fights, there are new people, and Brittany’s seen crying in her wedding dress!

“I don’t even know where to start”, Lisa Vanderpump says at the start of the Vanderpump Rules Season 8 trailer, and that’s exactly how we feel after watching the insane new clip. Not only do we see the demise of Jax and Tom Sandoval‘s long-time friendship — they literally scream at each other in the first few seconds of the video — but we see Stassi and Katie screaming at Kristen on two separate occasions. And they’re not the only ones fighting this season.

Later in the trailer, which you can watch below, Brittany yells, “Knock him the f*** out,” but it’s unclear who she’s referring to. And James can be seen saying “buh-bye” to Raquel, however, we’re not quite sure whether or not it means they broke up. All we do know is that Raquel is seen crying and Lala is saying how they have a “dysfunctional relationship”.

Finally, Ariana can be seen crying and telling her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, “I just want to get in my car, drive away, and never come back.” Yikes! And that final shot of Brittany crying in her wedding dress? We. Can. Not. This looks like it’s going to be one epic season… eight years in the making.


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Vanderpump Rules returns to Bravo on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020, at 9pm ET. Are you ready?

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