We’re Not Sure How People Will Feel About French’s Mustard Ice Cream That Nobody Asked For

If you’ve ever wondered what an ice cream made of mustard would taste like – and we’re pretty sure you haven’t – French’s and Coolhaus have collaborated to create such a thing and it will be available for consumption during the week of August 3.

You probably weren’t aware of this, but the aforementioned date marks National Mustard Day and, with French’s being the biggest producers of the condiment, they’ve teamed up with Los Angeles ice cream company Coolhaus to birth a flavor that nobody asked for.

The ice cream will be served in scoops to customers in New York and Los Angeles during said week and it’s expected that the reviews will be mixed.

The folks from PEOPLE have already tried it and they claim it’s “actually not that bad” as the initial flavor is not mustard but “sweet hints of cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream.”

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After two or three swallows, though, you get that tangy mustard taste.

The staff at PEOPLE generally do not hate the cold snack but advise that anything more than a single scoop could be intolerable.

The mustard-flavored ice cream will be available at Coolhaus in Culver City, California, from August 2-4 and August 9-11. It can also be accessed from ice cream trucks in New York City around the Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle from Thursday and, on Friday, they will be moving to Brooklyn Bridge and Madison Park. It hasn’t yet been decided where they will be on National Mustard Day.

Additionally, a pretzel cookie will be served with every scoop, which is quite fair considering the age-old pretzel and mustard combo.

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