What’s on TV: Tuesday, October 15

Foreign Correspondent

ABC, 8pm

Have you heard of the windscreen phenomenon? It's the latest evidence that we're hurtling towards environmental apocalypse and it comes from the simple fact that country drives no longer mean ending up with a windscreen covered in mashed bugs.

A honey bee collecting pollen.

The bottom line is: be alarmed.

It might be convenient to no longer have a bug soup situation after driving to Ballan, but it points in the direction of ecosystem collapse. Reporting from Germany and Holland, Eric Campbell explores how the crash of insect numbers not only directly threatens the birds and other animals that prey on them but also the plants that rely on them for pollination. Pesticides are believed to be the culprit, and while Europe has banned a class of chemicals known as neonicotinoids they're still in use in Australia.

Campbell is keen to add some positivity to a report that would otherwise have viewers huddling under their doonas until Armageddon, so he visits people establishing bee hotels, planting bee-friendly flowers, and being all-round insect-friendly.

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