When to go Christmas shopping in stores like Primark and Poundland to get the best deals revealed

HIGH streets up and down the country will be buzzing with shoppers with bags full of presents as the festive season approaches.

But timing is everything – you could find that prices are dearer the closer to Christmas you get.

To bag the best possible deal, we've asked eagle-eyed shopping experts what times they shop in stores from Primark to Matalan to get cheaper Christmas presents.

It comes as households face soaring costs for putting presents under the tree and a festive feast on the table.

Experts have warned that the cost of toys could jump by 50% as retailers cough up more to ship presents to the UK.

Shortages could happen too, as the shipping crisis continues and a shortfall of lorry drivers means not enough deliveries are being made to keep shelves stocked.

Despite the problems, ministers have warned Brits not to panic buy toys and said they were "confident" families will be able to get festive goodies.

Here's when you should be shopping at your favourite stores for your hauls.


Primark is famous for its affordable prices – but as the cost of items is low as it is, there's not usually big sales.

That means that there probably won't be a great deal of pre-Christmas offers to make the most of.

But there’s often “secret” sale items in store if you know where to look.

These items can be reduced by half or more of their original price and are more likely to land on the rails when the seasonal sales hit.

That means you should make sure to ask Primark's staff whether there's discounted items on the shop floor – or waiting out the back – in the run up to Christmas.

To boost your chances of getting the best bargains, savvy saver Katy Stevens, who runs money blog Katykicker, says to shop at Primark during certain times of the week – and during quieter times.

"The best time to bag yourself a bargain tends to be midweek mornings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," she said.

"Aim to visit stores first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds and bag a great deal.

"Quieter locations, such as those out of busy city centres, can be packed full of bargains."


Poundland is perfect for stocking filler goodies that won't break the bank.

But if you want to grab the best bits, it's an idea to start buying now, according to money saving guru Charlotte Jessop, who runs the Looking After Your Pennies blog.

"Christmas items are already being stocked in Poundland, so if you are after some bargain decorations, stock-fillers, or sweet treats, it is a good idea to start buying now," she said.

To get bargains for as little as 25p, make sure to shop in stores later in the day, Charlotte added.

"If it's perishable stuff that you are after, then remember that Poundland will reduce the price for anything that goes out of date that day to 50p. 

"From 4 pm onwards, it'll go to 25p."

So if you're looking for cheap chocolate to pop under your tree, remember to head to stores before they close for rock bottom prices.


Another high street store that's worth visiting for great Christmas deals is Wilko, Charlotte said.

For example, the retailer is currently slashing the price of Christmas trees by 20% and is selling two mega tubs of Celebrations and Quality Streets for £7.

It's best to keep an eye out on early seasonal deals like this – and ask staff when other offers are coming up as the festive season approaches.

It's best to set your alarm if you're planning on getting your haul in at Wilko, Charlotte added.

"Wilko has deliveries approximately three times a week but it varies from store to store," she said.

"You might need to contact your local branch to find out when these are.  Most stock gets put out by 9am, so head there in the morning to get your pick of the best stuff."


Argos is one of the go-to shops for parents looking to bag toys and electronics for the kids this Christmas.

But hold off until Black Friday, shopping and savings expert Joseph Seager said, for the chance of getting these items discounted.

Lots of shops usually take part in the Black Friday sales, which takes place around the end of November.

However, Argos has launched its sales and discounts a couple of weeks earlier than this in previous years.

Although we don't know what is on sale this year yet, last year saw big discounts on items like Samsung TVs and Canon cameras.

You can still make the most of discounts now, however.

Joseph, who runs the money blog Thrifty Chap, said: "Keep an eye out for clearance items now and you can get video games, TVs and toys for less – plus stocking fillers like LEGO Super Mario character packs for just 50p," he said.


You can get free cash to spend on your Matalan haul for Christmas if you use these money saving tricks.

Sign up to the Matalan Rewards card and you can get a voucher worth £5 to spend if you spend £25 or more.

It’s free to sign up for the card, and you can apply on Matalan’s website.

If you sign up now, you can get free cash off your Christmas presents.

Time it right and you could get items at an even cheaper price by shopping over the seasonal sales.

Wait until November, which is when many shops slash prices to shift stock, and you might find items at discounted prices.

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