Who Is Andrew Spencer From Katie Thurston’s Season Of ‘The Bachelorette’ In 2021?

The wait is over! It’s finally time to tune into Katie Thurston’s season (Season 17!!!) of The Bachelorette. While the spoilers are alive and well for how her season turns out, there are a lot of twists and turns to enjoy before she gives out her final rose to one husband hopeful. (Here are all of the guys vying for a bloom from Katie.) Already, it’s looking like one of the front-runners is Andrew Spencer.

Andrew is 26 years old. (That’s four years younger than The Bachelorette.) He is a pro football player that lives and plays in Vienna, Austria, for half of the year. The other half, he is a football coach and teacher’s assistant in Chicago, according to his ABC bio. This bi-continental athlete is also originally from Illinois.

And, there’s so much more. Here’s what you need to know about Andrew Spencer and how far he goes on Katie’s season:

Andrew has had a really successful football career.


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Andrew currently plays for the Dacia Vienna Vikings, where he is a defensive back. Before playing in Europe, he played at Winona State (an NCAA Division II school), where he was listed as 6’1″, 210 pounds. “I feel very good now to start my third season with the Vikings and I can hardly wait to complete an entire season with the team,” he told AFI in an interview. “I signed again with the Vikings to win titles, but I also have the feeling that I still want to prove a lot. A personal goal is to be the best player in Europe. Now I have a whole season ahead of me to prove that and to show my potential to the full.”

Once filming ended, Andrew went back to Vienna to play, and said that living with all the other guys was like a football locker room. “It’s like hanging out with a bunch of teammates,” he said in an interview. “Once you meet the guys and the producers, it’s like producers are the coaches and the guys that you meet once you get there are just new guys to the team and everyone’s competing for a spot.”


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He has a good grasp on work/life balance, too. Andrew says, “living in Europe has given him an updated outlook on life where people work to live instead of live to work,” in his bio.

Andrew’s family is important to him.

He also shared in his ABC bio that he is very close with his 96-year-old grandmother. He seems to be a momma’s boy, too. Andrew has posted tons of adorable photos with her and always gives her tons of praise with hashtags like #productofaStrongBlackWoman.


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And, he hopes to have a big fam of his own.

He’s so excited to get married, and he wants five kids one day. Yep, that’s according to his ABC bio. (Sounds like he’s here for the right reasons.)


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Andrew has Bachelor Nation connections.

Reality Steve also shared that he is former NFL player Clay Harbor’s cousin.

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