Wild video shows loose tire crashing into house at 65 mph

It was traveling at a break-deck speed.

An Ohio house is in wheely bad shape after a runaway tire hurtled across a road at 65 mph and smashed into the front porch, as seen in a now-viral video with more than 50,000 views.

The wild 1-minute CCTV clip, which was captured on August 20, starts peacefully enough with footage of the home’s front lawn and cars passing by on a suburban street. However, things take a turn when a rogue wheel flies down the road and onto the yard with smoke streaming off of it a la Looney Tunes’ Road Runner.

In an instant, the tire bounces off a tree root like a motorcycle ramp and takes out the house’s left pillar, before knocking the mailbox onto the front lawn. It even rings the door bell, before finally wobbling to a stop on the grass, still smoking.

The clip concludes with a man in pink shorts emerging from the property and staring at the auto part in bewilderment, presumably trying to figure out what transpired.

It’s unclear what caused the tire to fly the coupe, however “wheel runoff crashes” are generally the result of wheels coming loose due to improper installation, according to CrashForensics.com.

The bizarre incident is making the rounds on social media.

“Glad it didn’t kill anyone!” wrote one relieved commenter.

“How to explain that to insurance without camera lol,” quipped another.

One social-media mechanic speculated that the owner of the vehicle “won’t know the tire is missing till he gets home.” They added, “meanwhile, the home owner is stuck with an unexpected bill.”

This isn’t the first time a runaway wheel has gone on a rampage.

In July 2019, a rogue tire totaled an SUV after hopping the median on a New Jersey highway. And a Georgia man was charged this past December after a tire flew off his pickup truck and killed a woman walking a dog.

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