Will Big Ben chime at New Year? Major change to Londons iconic clock on New Years Eve

New Year's Eve weather set to be 'exceptionally mild'

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New Year’s Eve will be slightly different again this year, after a rise in Covid cases across the country. While there won’t be any fireworks again this year, there will be a return for Big Ben as we usher in 2022.

Big Ben has been under renovation works for years, with scaffolding shielding the clock face from view.

It hasn’t chimed at New Year for the past four years, as the Elizabeth Tower and clockwork mechanisms have undergone repairs.

However, the scaffolding has been removed in recent months, revealing the world-famous clock face.

The UK public will subsequently be in for a well-received treat this year…

Will Big Ben chime at midnight tonight?

Big Ben will be ringing for the first time at New Year in four years.

The Government hopes the chime will represent fresh beginnings in the UK, after almost two years of pandemic life.

The bell will also be heard in the build-up to the celebrations tonight, as engineers aim to make sure everything is working correctly.

At midnight, the clock will chime using a temporary mechanism for the final time.

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The temporary measure was installed so the previous Victorian design could be cleaned and repaired.

One of Parliament’s team of clock mechanics, Ian Westworth said: “It’s iconic – it’s probably the world’s most famous clock, and to have had our hands on every single nut and bolt is a huge privilege.

“It’s going to be quite emotional when it’s all over – there will be sadness that the project has finished, but happiness that we have got it back and everything’s up and running again.”

While Big Ben will be returning this year, London will once again be without its iconic firework display.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “This year, as well as a brand-new celebration event in Trafalgar Square, we can look forward to a live broadcast spectacular which will showcase our magnificent city on BBC One.

“London is simply magical during these winter months and after all we have endured as a city we have every reason to celebrate as we look ahead to the new year.”

London’s bridges, buildings and iconic landmarks will be illuminated in a stunning light show to mark the new year.

Almost 200,000 people have tested positive for Covid each day since the middle of this week in the UK.

England remains the only nation in the UK to avoid imposing harsher restrictions after Christmas.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed earlier this week that New Year’s parties will be going ahead.

But, everyone should take extra precautions and take a lateral flow test before leaving their home, he said.

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