Wine expert says you should never put a cork back on an opened bottle

A wine expert has revealed why you should stop putting corks on an opened wine bottle.

Warner, who calls herself a "snob-free" wine educator, explained in a video: "I know it sounds crazy but if you ever have an instance where you have leftover wine — don't put the cork back in the bottle.

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"I have a way better tip that's gonna change your life."

She say that by putting the cork back on a bottle of wine that's half empty, it traps half a bottle of oxygen and allows more to get into the wine because "corks are porous".

Warner then suggested something unusual and said: "What you really want to do is reduce the amount of oxygen-to-wine ratio.

"What I recommend is a Mason jar, all you do is take whatever wine you have left over and pour that into the Mason jar or any kind of airtight container, seal it tight and there you have it.

"There is so much less oxygen in here than in the rest of the bottle."

Depending on the amount of wine that you have left, you can use different jar sizes to minimise the oxygen level in the container.

"I swear by this, it will make your wine still taste fresh even a couple days after you've opened it; whereas a day after I open a bottle of wine and I put the cork back on, I can tell the difference," she added.

"Don't knock it till you try it."

Warner also gave a personal tip, saying she usually keeps the leftover red wine in the fridge if she knows she won't be finishing it the next day.

"Pull it out an hour before you drink to bring it to room temperature!" she said.

One viewer commented: "Well this is going to save me a lot of money!"

"I alway thought it was a rule that you have to drink the whole bottle once it is opened," another added.


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