Woman horrified as date accidentally sends her ‘cruel’ text meant for his pals

A TikTok user has revealed a "cruel" text message she received from her date after he accidentally sent it to her instead of his friends.

The woman explained briefly in the post that she has been in a "talking stage" for a year with her date and he told her she was a star.

In the video viewed more than 123,000 times, she shows the horrendous faux pas with screenshots of the text conversation.

She texted him that she had fun on the date night.

The man then replied"Yea same" with a heart emoji.

But he next wrote: "Ight boys who wants her next lmaooooo."

Realising the text was intended for his friends, the woman quickly took the comment in her stride and wrote: "Lol good luck bro."

The video left viewers confused as some showed sympathy in the comments and others wondered why the woman stayed in a talking stage with the man for a year.

A viewer commented: "Sorry girl, people are being mean."

Another wrote: "Talking stage for a year? Anything exceeding three months is a stretch. I'm so sorry this happened to you sweetheart."

"First of all, the talking stage should never last one year," a second said.

This came after a woman shared a similar experience in what she called "reality of dating in 2020" as she shared a conversation between her and her date.

Kersten Hovis invited her date round to her house to pick her up, but was shocked when he text her while in her company, claiming she was "bigger than expected".

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