Woman wakes up after night in Magaluf with seven guys' initials tattooed on her

When Megan Gerrard, 22, and her friends met a group of lads on a boozy night out in Magaluf, they clicked instantly.

Megan decided to honour the new friendship with the group of seven guys from Newcastle… by getting their initials tattooed on her leg.

Unfortunately it turned out that some of the men she met had given her fake names.

But Megan, from Warrington in Cheshire, doesn’t regret a thing.

Megan travelled to Magaluf with six of her friends for a girls’ trip back in July 2018, and met a group of seven guys from Newcastle while out there.

The groups joined together and went out every night drinking and partying on the island.

On their final night in Magaluf, the new friends headed to the strip for one last night out when they passed a tattoo parlour.

Megan made a joke about getting everyone’s initials tattooed on her thigh, and the guys liked the idea so much they dared her to do it… so she did, despite her friends warning her it was a terrible plan.

‘My friends were begging me not to but I was determined to get it done,’ said Megan, who works in customer service.

When Megan returned to England, she realised some of the men had given her fake initials after finding out their real names on social media.

Megan and her friends stayed in contact with the guys for around four months until their girlfriends found out – and apparently made the men block off all contact with them.

Despite all this, Megan has no regrets about what happened and found the whole experience rather hysterical.

She has since got a new tattoo to cover up the initials.

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