Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

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Your Sexoscope for the week of May3–May 9:


This weekend’s sensual vibe has you feeling pretty turned on, but you run the risk of coming on too strong (or stronger than usual, rather) and scaring away that hottie you try to hook up with at the bar. When Mercury enters Taurus this week, expect to see less people sliding into your DMs—work is more of a focus for a while now.

If you’ve been waiting to finally have That Talk and DTR, this weekend is the time to do it, thanks to the Taurus Moon. This Moon phase has you feeling needy for intimacy, but more importantly, Taurus’ hard-working and dedicated energy creates the perfect mood to commit to a more serious relationship.

You’re seeing sparks fly all weekend with your partner! This is either because of a hot-and-bothered atmosphere horning both of you up, or a small disagreement possibly snowballing into a bigger argument. Tone down the fiery attitude and don’t let Taurus season’s stubborn vibes ruin what could be a great weekend!


The Moon in your sign is helping you have a blast of a birthday celebration if it’s this weekend! In bed, you’re usually the one to lie back and let your partner do all the work, but now you’re energized and inspired to take the reins this weekend! It’s nice to be on top, isn’t it?

If you’re hooking up but haven’t DTR yet:

You’re having trouble determining the difference between what you want and what you need this weekend, and you’re also feeling waaaaay more assertive! You can confidently pop the usually-anxiety-inducing “what are we?” question this weekend, but don’t press it too hard–if they want to be with you, they needn’t require that much convincing. Mercury enters your sign on Monday, further helping you find the words and tact necessary to start that discussion.

You’re taking charge and (maybe!) even dominating your partner in bed this weekend! This burst of energy cranks your libido up, and you have plenty of stamina to keep the party going on all weekend. This reignites that spark between you two that seems to have been missing lately, and you’re able to connect to your partner with ease again, especially once Mercury enters your sign.


Sorry, Gemini, but this weekend’s slow-paced Taurus Moon has you feeling lethargic, so going out and finding someone to have fun with is especially hard. You’re likely to opt to chill with friends this week, feeling pretty over the casual dating scene, but a new addition to your social circle (or maybe a familiar face) can catch your eye and become your next crush!

This weekend, your boo tries to turn your situationship into something more. Your classic, indecisive “I’ll think about it” response won’t cut it this time! Jupiter, planet of luck is harmonizing with lovely Venus this week, so if you opt for the LTR, you couldn’t have picked a better time. If you decide to pass, your chart’s zone of friendships being activated by Venus, too, so a night out with the besties fixes you right up!

That big step you’re thinking about taking—moving in together, engagement, or something equally as major—is a hot topic this week. Redefining your relationship and putting it in a more committed, intimate context stresses you and your flighty tendencies all the way out, but it doesn’t need to! If you’ve loved your partner for this long, further commitment shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right?


This weekend’s Taurus Moon provides the easygoing, sensual vibes necessary for you to venture out of your apartment and meet someone new. Whether you stumble across your next hookup or not, Mercury entering Taurus this week promises tons of cuties sliding into your DMs for the next couple of weeks!

You come out of your shell this weekend and feel more energetic and forward than your typically shy and sensitive sensibilities allow for. You’re thinking about the future and where you want this situationship to head, so just go for it and start that conversation! Just be ready: you might get an “I’m not sure,” and have to wait it out. But you’ll have your answer by the end of the week, should you ask in the first place.

All weekend has optimal astro-weather for date night! Depending on how things go, you’re compelled to think about the future of your relationship. It’s due for some changes, and you’ve known it for a while! If things are running smoothly, this week is perfect to talk about moving in together or marriage even, but if your love life is in dire straits, it’s time to make a plan to urgently fix it or split up.


You’re looking for love this weekend, but you’re not going to catch any cuties if you don’t take it down a few levels! You’re feeling confident, horny, and determined to get some D, but you run the risk of coming off as ostentatious. Just be you–but ya know, also ask your date some questions once in a while!

The sensual Taurus Moon plus energetic Mars and lucky Jupiter’s connection line up and promise tons of action in and out of bed with your partner this weekend! Things are going great, and you’re confident that this week is the one when your relationship becomes official—but forces outside of your control (like work) put your date night plans on hold. Luckily, on Thursday, lovely Venus connects with Jupiter, bringing all the best vibes to your love life!

You’ve been entertaining the idea of heating up life in the bedroom with some new lingerie, a fun toy, or by exploring your dominant side, and this weekend is perfect for indulging in your fantasies! Just don’t get so crazy that you fall out of bed or pull a muscle and hurt yourself!


You’re feeling extra bold this weekend, and confident enough to strike up a conversation with a cutie at the club instead of the usual waiting for someone else to approach you. The NSA hookup game is getting old, especially because you’re more of a LTR type of person, so you’re trying to take things slower for a change. That shouldn’t stop you from a little flirting and asking for their number, though!

You’re on the shier side and tend to follow the lead of your partner. This week, however, the tables turn! Not only are you calling the shots in the bedroom, you’re also able to steer your relationship in the direction you want. Your end goal is a relationship-relationship, and you’re empowered to start that convo this week.

You’re feeling a little friskier and decide to take your partner for a ride this weekend! Switching things up lights a spark that catches your bedroom on fire! The change in routine coinciding Mercury moving into Taurus inspires fills your head with new, adventurous ideas and giving you a more optimistic mindset—and not just in bed, either!


Venus, planet of love, rules over your sign, which is why you’re guilty of developing a little crush on pretty much everyone you meet! Venus, in your chart’s relationship zone, combined with Taurus season’s energy in your chart’s intimacy zone, means that your next hookup leads to you catching major feels! As indecisive as you usually are, you’re crushing hard enough to rush into a relationship! Chill out and take it slow.

This week, your situationship reaches a fork in the road. Do you finally determine the relationship, or hold out on committing? Jumping into a LTR promises to help you experience a new kind of intimacy, but that’s only if you don’t take for-e-ver to make your decision! It’s much easier said than done, especially since you’re the most indecisive sign, but now’s the time to decide!

The Moon is in sensual Taurus all weekend, priming your libido for tons of action! Hold on tight to the fun memories from your weekend of pleasure, because the testy astrology of this week can fire up your temper and start conflict with your partner. Instead of sending them to sleep on the couch after a fight this week, Venus and lucky Jupiter are teaming up to help you talk it out as long as you’re willing to just listen!


You’re a Mars-ruled sign, meaning you don’t back down from a challenge and you aren’t afraid to assert yourself, but this weekend you’re feeling more receptive and open up to someone new chatting you up on Tinder or at the club. You follow their lead and can have a great time hooking up or going on a first date, and once Mercury joins the party in Taurus this week, you can’t get your mind off of a relationship with them!

You’re feeling more tender and soft around your crush and the two of you can make a ton of progress on the romantic level this weekend. They may ask you to make things official—and really want you to say yes. Commit if you’re ready, but don’t let anyone pressure you into anything! Mercury entering Taurus on Monday ensures you’re still connecting with your boo and working on the relationship, just at a slower pace.

You’re very peculiar about relationships and a bit of a control freak, usually wearing the pants in the relationship—especially in bed—but this weekend’s astrology helps you to let go of that need to be on top. The inquisitive Gemini Moon finds you curious about being more submissive in bed this week, making for a fun and sexy little experiment with your lover.


Sorry, Sag, but you’re prioritizing your job over having fun this weekend. Try to squeeze in some post-work drinks if you can, and an explosive, but short-lived fling (your favorite kind) might await you! Taurus season is all work, no play it seems, but luckily your hookup from the weekend may hit you up for round two by the end of the week, helping you deal with the increased workload!

When you’re called into work last minute and cancel date night this weekend, be careful with how you tell your boo. Writing it off as no big deal isn’t cool, especially with how much they were looking forward to seeing you! Your stereotypically preachy attitude jumps out in moments like this, but your partner is feeling especially hard-headed right now and you can’t win. Just reschedule and promise to make it up to them, and you can avoid a big fight.

You’re at work and running errands all weekend, but your partner just can’t leave you alone! You haaaaaate clinginess and want to tell them to hop off, but that’s the worst thing you could do now. They’re just trying to spend time with you since you’ve been clocked in all Taurus season! If you ask for your space, do it nicely and in a way that doesn’t make them feel bad.


You’re really feeling yourself this weekend, enough to head out and scope out your next hookup. Whether it leads to bringing someone home with you or not, you’re at least in for a good time with friends while you’re out! On Wednesday, Mercury joins up with Uranus, planet of disruption, in Taurus. Expect your love life to get shaken up when your latest match slides into your DMs–especially since that match may very well be an ex.

You’re feeling tender and romantic when you’re with your boo, so you actually have more fun snuggling than you do banging them this weekend! Your partner takes this as a cue that you want to take your situationship more seriously, but despite feeling soft this weekend, you’re still the zodiac’s control freak and move strictly at your own pace when it comes to relationships. If you’re ready to commit, go for it, but if not, try to let them down easy!

Opening up and letting yourself be emotional around anyone, even your partner, isn’t an easy feat for a Capricorn. This weekend’s sensual Taurus Moon is a great opportunity to be warmer and gentler with your partner, helping you let go of your typically hesitant approach to intimacy. This opens the door to a big talk about marriage or moving in together, leading to tons of progress in your love life!


If you aren’t careful, you might sleep through the weekend! Taurus season is the time of year where your sign relaxes and rests the most, so you might be turning in early Friday night instead of going out. If you do manage to get out of the house, hot-and-bothered Mars and expansive Jupiter duke it out and have hella hotties hitting on you—almost an overwhelming amount—and aching to hook up!

Instead of heading out for dinner or drinks with your boo this weekend, your preferred choice of fun is a Netflix and chill session. The introverted mood you’ve been in lately has been bugging your boo and they want you to do something fun with them—outside of the house! By the end of the week, your batteries are charged enough to oblige and you’re treated to a nice night out!

Hopefully you’re off work this weekend, because the Taurus Moon (and Taurus season’s vibes in general) have you feeling hella drowsy! If you don’t live with your partner, they better come stay with you if you’re in the mood to bang! You’re a fixed sign, so you’re stubborn AF, and you’re not budging at all this week unless you absolutely have to!


This weekend’s Taurus Moon is perfect for putting yourself out there and making new connections—they all seem to be platonic, though. If you’re looking for action and trying to hook up, you’re more likely to find luck with a friend. You’re the most emotional sign and hella intuitive, so if you think a friend has been eyeing you up, you’re probably right. How does a friend with benefits sound?

You’re having fun with your no-labels-situationship and you’re in no rush to start the “what are we?” talk, but your boo is! Commitment isn’t easy for you, and your instinct might even be to GTFO of bed when they ask, but don’t run off quite yet! Taurus season’s energy vibes well with you and helps you articulate your thoughts and feelings perfectly, so whether you’re ready or not, the conversation goes smoothly.

Mars’ fiery, aggressive energy in your chart’s zone of intimacy and home life is stirring up drama, especially if you and your partner live together. Taurus season’s vibes are compatible with yours—including the classic Taurean stubbornness and determination, so you def don’t want to back down from any arguments! Try to stay calm and zip it if an insignificant argument starts—Taurus is a master at holding grudges, and your partner may channel that less-than-forgiving energy now.

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