Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for August

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Welcome to August, Taurus! Can you believe the summer is already (gulp) almost over? My hope is that you’ve been soaking up the summer sun like a beautiful bovine splayed out on a meadow. But if you haven’t been having the Hot Girl Summer that Megan Thee Stallion promised back in 2019, perhaps that deserves a moment for reflection, too. Why haven’t you been enjoying yourself? It’s time to shake off any lingering frustration, Taurus babe. The New Moon in Leo on August 8 offers an opportune moment for manifestation, inspiring you to take action in whatever area of life has been feeling stuck. Get it off your chest, Taurus darling! It’s too much baggage for one bull to carry. If you’ve been delaying a difficult conversation (especially with a relative or a friend who feels like family), this beautiful New Moon in Leo will inspire you to speak your truth. Be brave!

As the Moon continues moving, it meets the Sun in opposition on August 22, forming a Full Moon in Aquarius. Sound familiar? I bet it does! This is actually the second Full Moon in Aquarius of 2021 (the first occurred last month, on July 23), meaning this is a Blue Moon! Full Moons are always a time of release, but during this extra-charged release, we’re closing the loop on whatever narrative began at the beginning of Leo season, creating a powerful synthesis between your past and present. Activating both the top (representing your legacy) and bottom (symbolizing your foundation) of your birth chart, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of what it means to grow in diametrically opposed directions. Think of yourself as a tree: With roots growing deep down into the earth, you have the stability to reach new heights. Don’t be afraid to trade comfort for ambition, Taurus darling. Focus your gaze and remember that anything and everything is possible.

But the party’s just getting started! Later that day, on August 22, the Sun says au revoir to Leo and dips into Virgo, a like-minded earth sign. For the next few weeks, Virgo season activates the area of your chart associated with passion, creativity, and (ahem) romance—so don’t be surprised if you experience newfound motivation by the end of the month. Yes, Taurus darling, you may find yourself swimming in a sea of suitors. Fatigued? I don’t blame you! It’s exhausting to be so sought after! But there’s no need to settle: trust that, so long as you’re being super honest with your wants, needs, and expectations (yes, Taurus, that means ensuring you’re staying super present), you’ll be sure to have your pick. Whether you’re looking for something long-term or flirting with a long-distance crush who keeps a close eye on your Instagram stories, open your heart to possibilities! Long story short, the vibes are immaculate!

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