Adam Peaty 'requires STITCHES after fighting with Team GB team-mate'

Adam Peaty ‘requires STITCHES after fighting with Team GB team-mate’ after the Olympic gold medallist ‘joked about ex-girlfriend Anna Hopkin to her new boyfriend Luke Greenbank’

  • Adam Peaty has reportedly been treated after being involved in a bust-up
  • The 28-year-old was reportedly struck by Team GB colleague Luke Greenbank
  • Peaty is widely regarded as the best breaststroke star in swimming history 

Double-gold Olympic swimming medallist Adam Peaty has received stiches for a facial injury that he suffered during a fight with a team-mate, according to reports.

The scrap between Peaty and his colleague, Luke Greenbank, reportedly flared up after the former slapped the other on the back-side and made a comment about his team-mate’s girlfriend.

Greenbank retaliated and left Peaty’s face bleeding, with medical attention then being carried out, as reported by the Sun.

The comment that sparked Greenbank’s fury was reportedly over his girlfriend and Olympic gold medallist Anna Hopkin.

The 27-year-old was previously in a relationship with Peaty before the pair stopped seeing each other. She has since been partnered with Greenbank for two years.

Adam Peaty has reportedly received stitches for a facial injury after being involved in a fight

Peaty (second from left) was reportedly hurt by his Team GB team-mate Luke Greenbank (far left)

Meanwhile, Strictly Come Dancing star Peaty is dating Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly.

The heated exchange between the two Team GB stars took place at Loughborough University where the pair have been training with one another and other team-mates.

Coaches treated the injured start on the premises before Peaty and Greenbank shook hands after being persuaded to do so by those around the incident.

Peaty is widely regarded as the best breaststroke competitor in the history of the sport

Peaty (second from left) apparently made a comment to Greenbank about his partner Anna Hopkin (far right)

Greenbank (pictured) reportedly retaliated to Peaty’s comment about his girlfriend

Peaty previously took time away from swimming in March as he attempted to focus on his mental health and wellbeing.

He split from the mum to his two-year-old son George, Eiri Munro, in August last year before striking up his newest relationship and has since returned to swimming.

The 28-year-old has won eight world championships along with his Olympic titles and is widely hailed as the best breaststroke swimmer in history. 

Greenbank and Peaty has previously competed alongside each other during Team GB relay races and even won silver in the 100m medley at the Tokyo Olympics.

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