Can YOU figure out this darts optical illusion?

Can YOU figure out this darts optical illusion? TV footage appears to show two-time world champion Peter Wright’s throw missing Treble 13… but did it actually hit?

  • Peter Wright suffered defeat to Chris Dobey at the Premier League darts
  • He finished the fourth leg with a 121 – though there was confusion at a Treble 13
  • Television footage appeared to show his dart didn’t land on the treble zone 

There was confusion at the Premier League darts last night over whether a throw by two-time world champion Peter Wright hit the Treble 13. 

Wright finished off the fourth leg of the tie with a 121 – though it was his second throw of the three that would have left viewers on television baffled. 

Television footage though appeared to show that his throw missed the treble zone, with the location of the point suggesting he should have just received 13 from that one throw. 

With fans and commentators left confused, it raised the question of why Wright was given a treble.

Well the footage is actually an optical illusion and the decision was right to give Wright the treble instead of the single 13, and there’s a good reason for that. 

Peter Wright was awarded a Treble 13 though the point appeared to be outside the zone

However it was the flight of the dart that made it look like it was outside the area and the decision was actually right to award Wright a treble 13

There was confusion as to whether the two-time champion should have received the score

Despite how it looks on television, the decision was correct as it was the flight and not the point that makes it look like it’s outside the zone.

The dart flight is the small aerodynamic fins at the back of the dart, which is there to provide stability for when it is thrown. 

Commentators were confused at the time including Erik Clarys and Matthias De Vlieger of VTM 2, who according to HLN,  admitted at the time they had doubts as they felt the arrow wasn’t in the box to obtain the score. 

Clarys, who reached the quarter-finals of the world championships in 2003, later clarified and said that the decision was correct.

He said: ‘The flight masked the tip of the arrow, making it look like Wright was throwing wide of the T13. But the arrow was indeed right.’ 

Wright was delighted that the Treble 13 was given, and he followed it off with a double 16 to take the fourth leg to even the tie with Chris Dobey at 2-2.

However Premier League darts debutant, then finished off strongly as he took the last four legs take a 6-3 victory.

It was the perfect debut for Dobey on a night where the newly crowned Masters Champion also defeated Michael Van Gerwen.  

The decision to award the Treble 13 was right, though Wright went on to suffer defeat

Chris Dobey beat three opponents on the night including Wright and Michael Van Gerwen

Dobey – who had twice featured as a contender before his elevation to the main circuit for 2023 – capped a memorable performance at The SSE Arena with a fine 160 finish to beat the Dutchman in a last-leg decider.

After dropping the opening leg of the best-of-11 final, Dobey recovered to land a 170 checkout and level straight back before breaking Van Gerwen to lead 3-1.

Van Gerwen, the defending champion and chasing a record-breaking seventh Premier League title, recovered to land a crucial 114 checkout in the sixth leg to tie the match.

Both men then held throw to force a last-leg decider, which Dobey secured after landing two treble 20s followed by double top.

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