Chelsea star Romelu Lukaku admits he broke down in tears over close pal Christian Eriksen's Euro 2020 collapse

CHELSEA star Romelu Lukaku admitted he broke down in tears when he heard about Christian Eriksen's shocking collapse during Euro 2020.

The world of football was left praying after Eriksen went down during Denmark's clash against Finland.

The 29-year-old received treatment, including CPR, as his team-mates formed a human barrier to allow medics to work away from the eyes of the camera and fans in the stadium.

He was then taken to hospital where thankfully he was stabilised.

Now Lukaku has opened up on his feelings after the shocking event and before he played for Belgium against Russia in the same Group B.

In an interview with Uefa’s official social media channel, as reported by FCInterNews, Lukaku said: "Against Russia it was really hard.

"During my time at Inter I spent more time with Christian than with my mother, my son, or my brother because in Italy you stay with the team all day.

"His room was next to mine, he played Call of Duty and things like that. So when he passed out on the pitch and I heard about what had happened I started crying. I was constantly thinking about him.

“On the way to the St Petersburg stadium I needed something to improve my mood, so I decided to play for him throughout the tournament.

"I wanted to do something that could support him and show him that I was with him. I also sent him a message, and I was happy that he answered."

Lukaku scored twice n Belgium's 3-0 win against Russia, dedicating the goals to his stricken friend.

And the Chelsea frontman was key in pushing his country to join Denmark in a tenth-minute tribute to Eriksen in their Euros clash.

Eriksen will reportedly undergo a medical examination next month in the hope of returning to training.


Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport claims Eriksen will have a crucial check-up to determine whether he can potentially play in the future, just three months after suffering the cardiac arrest. 

Eriksen was fitted with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) following the incident.

And the Italian FA said in July that the Dane would need it to be removed in order to play for Inter again.

Eriksen is now set for an important check-up in October which could allow him to remove the ICD.

But the tests may also see the Dane needing to keep the device permanently.

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